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  • Sensorless Control
    Dynamics, simplicity, reliability: These fundamental goals of every drive system can be achieved with customized sensorless speed control. Celeroton provides various technologies in order to optimally cover your needs.
  • Flux-vector drive keeps laser cool
    Visible on this exploded view of the NanoLith 7000 blower assembly are the dual dc motors and MTS Sensorless Drive-Blok controllers. The power system drives a cross-flow blower fan approximately 28 in. long with a 5 in. diameter. The blower speed can't deviate more than +-5 rpm when running
  • Sensorless BLDC Control with Back-EMF Filtering Using a Majority Function
    AN1160 Sensorless BLDC Control with Back-EMF Filtering Using a Majority Function SENSORED CONTROL VERSUS Author: Daniel Torres Microchip Technology Inc. SENSORLESS CONTROL The BLDC motor is used for both consumer and industrial applications owing to its compact size, INTRODUCTION controllability
  • AN1162 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM)
    AN1162 Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM) operate at a speed that is roughly proportional to the Author: Mihai Cheles input frequency. As you decrease the frequency of the Microchip Technology Inc. drive voltage, you also need to decrease the amplitude Co-Author
  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control of PMSM Motors using dsPIC30F or dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controllers
    AN1078 Sensorless Field Oriented Control of PMSM Motors This application note focuses on the PMSM-based sen- Author: Jorge Zambada sorless FOC control of appliances because this control Microchip Technology Inc. technique offers the greatest cost benefit in appliance motor control. The sensorless
  • Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Motors (.pdf)
    Precise speed control of AC motors is typically accomplished with a variable frequency drive (VFD) connected to a speed or position feedback sensor. In certain situations, however, it's possible to achieve a similar level of precision speed control without the need for a feedback sensor via
  • Get ready for the next wave of energy-efficient washers
    motor with no intervening gearbox or belt drive. Wash dynamics in these new machines are such that clothes emerge clean after a wash and rinse with water levels that may not even cover the clothes. There are tough torque and speed requirements levied on the PM synchronous motors in such systems
  • Brushless dc Motors in Medical Applications
    Just What the Doctor Ordered: Brushless-dc Motors Brushless-dc motors are taking center stage in medical-equipment design because they last twice as long a competing technologies. * Sensorless brushless-dc-drives have evolved to a point where they have wide appeal within the medical-design

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