Threaded Inserts and Compression Limiters-Plastics

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Threaded Inserts and Compression Limiters allow designers to replace machined and cast metal components with plastic to achieve significant cost and weight savings without loss of joint strength – even in demanding applications. The use of Inserts not only allows the appropriate installation torque to be applied to the screw without damaging the threads, but Inserts also ensure that the threaded joint is preserved for the intended life of the assembly. In addition, Inserts enable unlimited assembly and disassembly of the components without compromising the integrity of the threads. Metal Compression Limiters provide “spot” reinforcement of the plastic in high stress joints or where components mate, and isolate the plastic from excessive compressive loads generated by the tightening of the bolts.

This informative seminar will cover:

  • An overview of various types of Threaded Inserts for Plastics including: Press-In, Expansion, Self-Tapping, Heat/Ultrasonic and Molded-In styles
  • An overview of various types of roll formed and machined Compression Limiters for Plastics including: Split Seam, Molded-In, Oval, Symmetrical, and Headed styles
  • How to select the most appropriate Threaded Insert and Compression Limiter for different types of assemblies
  • Design guidelines for the plastic components that use various types of Threaded Inserts and Compression Limiters and features of their design that affect performance
  • Design guidelines for the mating components
  • How to validate Insert performance
  • Installation methods commonly used to install Threaded Inserts and Compression Limiters

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