Random Turn-on Solid State Relays Datasheets

Solid State Relay -- WG A8 6D
from Comus International

PCB Mounting, AC Loads, 3 to 5A/280V. Especially developed for PCB mounting with very small dimensions and load currents of 3A or 5A. There are types with 600 V peak-off-state voltage as well as types with 1200 V available. The WG A5 is available in zero cross switching (Z-types) for resistive and... [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Random; Zero Switching
  • Output Voltage Type: AC
  • Mounting: PCBoard
  • Maximum Switching Current: 5.00
3622366 [84137320 from Crouzet]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Surface mount. Transient protection by transorbs. Back to back thyristor switching (SCR). IP20 integral cover. LED display of input status. Direct copper bonded technology. Dimensions W45mm, D60.2mm, H35mm. Minimum Load Current = 100 mA. Maximum Load Current = 50 A. Mounting Type = Chassis Mount. [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Random; Random
  • Input Voltage (Control Signal) Range: 32
  • Mounting: Chassis Mount
  • Load Voltage Range: 660
ESR2 Series -- ESR2001200301
from Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp.

Features. PCB Mount; Single in Line Package. Optically Isolated. Input LED Indicator. High dv/dt and High Blocking Voltage. Low Input power Consumption, TTL and CMOS Compatible. Zero Voltage Turn-on, Zero Current Turn-off (minizes EMI/RFI). High Surge Rating Allows Lamp and Motor Load Switching. [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Random
  • Application Type: General
  • Solid State Relay Type: Optically
  • Mounting: PCBoard
Power Controller -- SSR
from Watlow®

Watlow solid state relays (SSR) offer many of the advantages of solid state power controllers, but at a lower cost. Watlow's extensive knowledge in power controller design led to the development of a special fast cycle input card that enables a solid state relay to operate from a standard 4-20mA... [See More]

  • Turn-On Switching: Random (optional feature)
  • Mounting: Panel
  • Application Type: General
  • Input Voltage (Control Signal) Type: AC; DC