Continuous Wave (CW) Signal Generators Datasheets

AXIe Vector Signal Transceiver -- mA-6806
from Cobham AvComm

The AXIe Modular Products set a new standard in performance and function. Cobham AvComm is pleased to announce its new modular line of products based upon the latest AXIe standard. The new Cobham AXIe chassis is the world ’s first to support both the Wide PCI Express Extensions for AXIe and... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Continuous Wave; Function; Noise; Multiple Outputs; Signal
  • Form Factor: Fixed
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Operating Modes: Full/Half Duplex, List, Leveling, Triggering
NI PXI-5650 1.3 GHz RF Signal Generators and CW Source -- 779670-00
from National Instruments

The NI PXI-5650 RF signal generator is continuous-wave with modulation capability. In a single 3U PXI slot, the PXI-5650 signal generator provides exceptional phase noise and signal jitter. With the PXI-5650 1.3 GHz RF signal generator, you can easily set up sophisticated stimulus response or... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Continuous Wave; Signal
  • Form Factor: PCB
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Minimum: 0.5000
from RS Components, Ltd.

RS Pro RSDG800 Series function/arbitrary waveform generators output Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise and Arbitrary waveform functions. The RSDG800 models are powered with EasyPulse technology which produces low jitter, fast rising/falling edges unaffected by frequency, even at low duty cycle... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Continuous Wave
  • Minimum: 0.0 to 5
Digital Delay / Pulse Generator -- Model 505
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Models 565 and 505 are the latest additions to its line of high quality precision digital delay/pulse generators delivering unsurpassed value. The newly released Models 565 and 505 provide 2, 4 or 8 delay and width outputs capable of synchronizing to both external and internal triggers. The Model... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Continuous Wave; Pulse
  • Form Factor: Portable
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Operating Modes: Continous, External Trigger, External Gate, Single Shot, Burst or Cuty Cycle Trigger Modes
Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator -- 41-610
from Pickering Interfaces US Inc.

The 41-610 is a Dual Arbitrary waveform generator occupying one 3U PXI slot and featuring clock rates up to 100 Msample/s with 14 bit converter resolution. Careful attention to design ensures that the 41-610 can provide high quality signals with low timing skew between each of the channels. The... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Continuous Wave; Pulse; Multiple Outputs; Synchronized Multiple Outputs; Signal; Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Form Factor: PCB; 3U PXI
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Inputs: 2
Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator -- Model 2720
from TEGAM, Inc.

Designed to EN61010, CE Marked, can be synchronized for multi-channel use [See More]

  • Generator Type: Continuous Wave; Function; Pulse
  • Form Factor: Portable
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Operating Modes: Continuous,Triggered,Gated,Burst,Phase
Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generators
from Tektronix, Inc.

Tektronix arbitrary waveform generators enable complex signal generation with simple, easy to use tools. The AWG family provides leading-edge performance with sample rates up to 50 GS/s, up to 4 channels, and software packages that simplify the creation of these complex signals. The unparalleled... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Continuous Wave; Multiple Outputs
  • Form Factor: Portable
  • Device Type: Generator
  • Inputs: 32