Building & Construction Materials Densometers and Porosimeters Datasheets

Mercury Intrusion Porosimitry Autopoer V -- 9605/9620
from Micromeritics

he mercury porosimetry analysis technique is based on the intrusion of mercury into a porous structure under stringently controlled pressures. Besides offering speed, accuracy, and a wide measurement range, mercury porosimetry permits you to calculate numerous sample properties such as pore size... [See More]

  • Test Media: Building & Construction Materials; Ceramics; Chemicals; Concrete/Mortar; Food / Beverage; Foam / Porous Materials; Geological (Rock, Strata, etc.); Metals; Powders; Catalyst
  • Methods, Technology & Standards: Mercury Porosimetry
  • Properties Analyzed: Densometry / Pore Size
  • Display & Special Features: Benchtop or Laboratory; PC Interface / Networkable