Eddy Current Dynamometers

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Eddy Current (AG) Dynamometers
from Froude, Inc.

The Air Gap (AG) range of Froude Eddy Current Dynamometers has been designed to be compact, robust and to allow easy maintenance. The narrow yet durable design, small footprint, and the exclusive material and construction technique ensures many years of service. These units are bi-directional,... [See More]

  • Technology: Eddy Current
  • Torque: 841 to 39823
  • Power: 40 to 1005
  • Rotary Speed: 5500 to 12000
Eddy Current Dynamometers -- WT Dyno
from HORIBA Instruments, Inc.

Our WT series eddy current dynamometers are mainly used in the development and testing of all types of prime mover, as well as various engine assemblies. Due to their robust design, which incorporates improved control characteristics, they can be used both as steady state and as transient test... [See More]

  • Technology: Eddy Current
  • Torque: 26549
  • Power: 630
  • Rotary Speed: 10000