Import/Export Capabilities Mass Spectrometers

Mass Spectrometer -- HAL 3F
from Hiden Analytical

Triple filter quadrupoles for precision gas analysis and scientific applications. Hiden HAL 3F mass spectrometers for high precision scientific, process applications and uhv applications. [See More]

  • Mass Range: ? to 2500
  • Detector Type: Other; Pulsed Ion Counting
  • Mass Analyzer Design: Quadrupole
  • Detector Interface: Gas Chromatograph
High Performance Mass Detection -- AXIMA Resonance
from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Ultimate MALDI MS and MSn Performance. Combining the simplicity of MALDI, the power of MSn, and the accuracy and resolution of TOF, the AXIMA Resonance provides researchers a unique solution to the next generation of structural and sequencing challenges. Designed without compromise, the AXIMA... [See More]

  • Mass Analyzer Design: Time of Flight; Ion Trap
  • Detector Type: Microchannel Plate
  • Ionization Method: Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization
  • Remote Interface: Computer Interface; Application Software Included.