Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers

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High Performance Mass Detection -- AXIMA Glycan Analyzer
from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Achieves Simple, High-Sensitivity Glycan Structure Identification. The Accurate Glycan Analyzer identifies glycan structures using a MALDI-QIT-TOF mass spectrometer. Capable of detecting glycans with high sensitivity, it is equipped with a database constructed of the measured MSn spectra of known... [See More]

  • Mass Analyzer Design: Time of Flight; Ion Trap
Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry
from Waters Corporation

From research to routine - use ion mobility to enhance your analysesWaters SYNAPT and Vion systems combine ion mobility separations with high resolution MS, significantly enhancing routine MS/MS workflows, and enable new discoveries not possible any other way. [See More]

  • Mass Analyzer Design: Ion Trap
  • Detector Interface: Liquid Chromatograph