Output Current Control SCR Power Controllers Datasheets

Single Phase Advanced SCR Power Controller -- CTF
from Chromalox

The CTF is a compact microprocessor-based SCR power controller which is designed for all types of industrial heater loads up to 250 Amps at nominal voltages of 480, 600 and 690 Vac. The CTF will safely and precisely control traditional resistive heating elements, infrared lamps and silicon-based... [See More]

  • Control Feedback: Output Current Control
  • Operating Voltage: 480, 600, 690 VAC
  • SCR Control: Phase Angle; Zero Crossing
  • Phase: Single Phase
SCR Power Controllers -- SCR19 and SCR39 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The SCR19 Series Power Controllers are designed to proportion electric power to resistive loads only, such as ovens, furnaces, heat sealers, etc. (NOTE: They are not designed to drive transformers or any inductive load.) The controllers consist of power semi-conductors (SCRs), properly-sized heat... [See More]

  • Control Feedback: Output Current Control
  • Phase: Single Phase (optional feature); Three-Phase (2-leg) (optional feature); Three Phase (3-leg) (optional feature)
  • SCR Control: Phase Angle (optional feature); Zero Crossing (optional feature)
  • Current Ratings: 40, 60, & 80 Amps