16 bits High Speed Cameras

Scientific CMOS Camera -- SciMOS™ 2051
from BAESystemsImagingSolutions

Our SciMOS 2051 F2 Camera is based on the revolutionary ultra-low noise Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology that is opening up new possibilities in a range of marketplaces from scientific applications to medical imaging. This camera combines large field of view, high sensitivity, high dynamic range... [See More]

  • Resolution: 16 bits
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome
  • Camera Function: Video
  • Imaging Technology: CMOS Camera
Streampix 5-PrePost Multi Camera Troubleshooting
from NorPix, Inc.

For troubleshooting applications requiring multiple cameras. Monitor a single target from various angles. StreamPix4 is compatible with multiple cameras at various speeds and resolutions. Troubleshoot your production line or analyze hardware issues by imaging. View events from multiple angles. [See More]

  • Resolution: 8 bits; 10 bits; 12 bits; 14 bits; 16 bits
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome; Color
  • Camera Function: Video
  • Imaging Technology: CCD Camera; CMOS Camera
High Resolution Uncooled Thermal Camera -- Gobi-640-GigE
from Xenics nv

You will enter a new era of easy, fast, efficient and comfortable connectivity with the Gobi-640-GigE. The advantages of a high quality infrared camera are now combined with the power of a GigE interface and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Excellent image quality, high thermal resolution (0.050C) and... [See More]

  • Resolution: 16 bits
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome
  • Camera Function: Still
  • Imaging Technology: LWIR Camera