Immersible / Waterproof Ultrasonic Transducers Datasheets

Ultrasonic Air Transducers -- E-188
from Massa Products Corporation

Model E-188 and TR-2465 are ultrasonic air transducers that operate at frequencies of 220 kHz and 150 kHz respectively. A unique design feature results in the air transducer having a narrow directional pattern completely free of side lobes. The transducer face is silicon. These air transducers are... [See More]

  • Transducer Style: Immersible
Angle Beam Probe -- 10L128-I2
from Olympus America, Inc.

Angle beam probes are used with a wedge to transmit a refracted shear or longitudinal wave into a test piece. Designed for a wide range of applications, they can be used to vary the refracted beam angle or the skew of the beam, depending on the probe orientation. [See More]

  • Transducer Style: Array; Immersible
Corrosion-Erosion Monitor -- 926-xxxxx-xxx
from ClampOn, Inc.

Active and passive sensing [See More]

  • Transducer Style: Array; Contact; Immersible (optional feature); Intelligent Sensor
  • Features & Format: Protected Element
IM-Series 25 kHz -- IM-10 X 14
from Cleaning Technologies Group

For typical cleaning apps' like electronics, printing, aerospace, etc. [See More]

  • Transducer Style: Immersible
  • Application: Ultrasonic Cleaning / Liquid Processing
Ultrasonic Transducer -- IFlaw
from Danatronics Corporation

Danatronics offers a wide variety of conventional and composite element transducers from .5 mhz to 30 Mhz for use iFlaw and other conventional ultrasonic flaw detectors. These types include: Contact. Dual. Angle beam with wedges. Delay. Pencil Probes. Immersion. Replaceable Face. Specials [See More]

  • Transducer Style: Angle Beam; Contact; Dual; Delay Line; Immersible
  • Application: Flaw, Crack, Void and Inclusion Detectors
Medical Ultrasonic Transducer -- Curved Linear Array
from NDK

Since the company was established in 1948, NDK has manufactured and sold synthetic crystals and various products using the crystal such as crystal units, crystal oscillators, crystal filters, SAW filters, optical parts and other applied products, NDK supplies ultrasonic transducers for... [See More]

  • Transducer Style: Array; Contact; Immersible
  • Features & Format: Protected Element
  • Application: Medical; Military
Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer -- UPI 1214-170
from Ultrasonic Power Corporation

Deep cleaning ultrasonic immersible transducers give you the ability to add the ultrasonic advantage to your existing cleaning application. We bond and wire the immersible transducer inside a durable stainless steel container, and seal it with a stainless steel lid. This gives you the ability to... [See More]

  • Transducer Style: Immersible
  • Application: Ultrasonic Cleaning / Liquid Processing