Compactor Waste Compactors Datasheets

Compacting Power Screw
from LTG Incorporated

The LTG compacting power screw (CPS) is used as a discharge element in dry dust and fiber separators such as centrifugal separators, hose filter systems and lamellar filter systems. It permits a dust-free discharge of fine dust and materials with short-fiber components. The compacting power screw... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Applications: Fibrous Materials / Textiles
  • Material Condition: Dry
  • Technology: Mechanical
PIG Waste Compactor -- DRM652
from New Pig Corporation

Crushes waste with 12,000 lb. of force. Ideal for minimizing waste such as absorbents, rags, plastic, paper and cardboard. Durable 5 " channel profile frame prevents flexing and failure over time. Tilt-back frame makes loading easy. No need to move or slide heavy drum for access. Reinforced base... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Technology: Other; Electric
  • Applications: Patch, Repair& Maintenance
Smash-It™ Cubic Yard Box Compactor
from Air Cycle Corporation

The Smash-It ™ pneumatic cubic yard compactor compresses the contents of a cubic yard box. The Smash-It ™ can compact many types of waste, saving on disposal costs and required space. Once Smash-It ™ is connected to a compressed air source the drum that is to be compacted is... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
Drum Crusher / In-Drum Compactor -- Sahara
from Benko Products, Inc.

This drum crusher and in-drum compactor crushes drums into easily managed 4" 'pancakes', capable of being removed with an easy-to-use forklift. Reliable and simple to operate, our drum crushers can also be customized if needed. Features. • 60,000 lbs. compacting force reduces drums to 4"... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor; Crusher / Flattener
  • Applications: Drums / Barrels
  • Material Condition: Dry
  • Maximum Operating Force: 30
MS Series Roll Compactors
from Bepex International LLC

bull;Designed for tough applications, but customized to match project requirements •Custom roll designs for the production of briquettes or sheets suitable for granulation •Specialized feeding system designs provide optimum and repeatable performance •Optional dust-tight or gas-tight... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor (optional feature)
  • Applications: Fibrous Materials / Textiles; Food Products
  • Material Condition: Dry
Model 4260SC-16
from Brask Enterprises, Inc.

Self-contained, 6"cylinder, achieves a 4 to 1 waste reduction [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Applications: Cans / Bottles; Fibrous Materials / Textiles; Food Products; Metals; Paper / Corrugated; Plastics; Product Destruction; Recycling; Scrap / Solid Waste; Wood Chips / Biomass
  • Material Condition: Dry; Wet
  • Maximum Operating Force: 28.27
Hydraulic Soil Compactors -- TC Series
from Breaker Technology, Inc.

The TC Series delivers high impulse energy for greater compaction. Rubber isolators, front and rear, are in compression, not shear, providing longer life and lower maintenance cost. Other features include variable impulse force and integral swivel mount that allows more coverage without... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Applications: Soil, Dirt, Pit Run Gravel
  • Material Condition: Dry; Wet
  • Bale / Compact Weight: 2155
25 Yard Self Contained Compactor -- SC-02-25
from EPAX Systems, Inc.

Designed and engineered for volume usage in Restaurants, Condominiums, Malls, Hotels, Supermarkets and Industrial Plants the Self-Contained Compactor reduces refuse pickup while eliminating fluid seepage and minimizing odors creating more sanitary conditions. [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Maximum Operating Force: 23.55
  • Applications: Recycling; Scrap / Solid Waste
  • Maximum Platen / System Pressure: 2400
California Kneading Compactor,3-Hp,230V/50Hz/3Ph -- HM-820F
from Gilson Company, Inc.

The HM-820A California Kneading Compactor is designed for controlled compaction of soils or bituminous specimens through a special tamping foot of about 3.1in2 (20cm2). Machine capacity is 2,500lbf (11.1kN) compactive force with a maximum stroke of 10in (254mm). Specification work is done with 4in... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor (optional feature)
C200 Compactor
from Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

The rugged yet versatile C200 is ideal for many of your stationary compactor needs. From landfills to supermarkets the C200 is a money maker for your waste handling efforts. The C200 is ideal for: Offices, Motels/Hotels, Manufacturing Facilities, Hospitals, Chain Stores, Restaurants, Department... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Maximum Platen / System Pressure: 27.2
  • Applications: Cans / Bottles; Food Products; Recycling
  • Cycle Time: 38
BlokPak ® 3000
from Marathon Equipment Company

Maximum payloads, affordable price, industrial grade hydraulics [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Applications: Cans / Bottles; Fibrous Materials / Textiles; Food Products; Metals; Paper / Corrugated; Plastics; Recycling; Scrap / Solid Waste; Wood Chips / Biomass
  • Material Condition: Dry; Wet
  • Maximum Operating Force: 118
Bulkhead Densifier -- 10P
from Precision Machinery Systems Inc.

The Toronita Model 10P densifier is designed for those applications where a high density slug of beverage cans is required, but where space is limited. Operation is automatic, with the unit being activated by an electric eye which senses material in the loading hopper. The machine senses when there... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Applications: Plastics
  • Material Condition: Dry
  • Cycle Time: 60
AccuPak D-600 Self Contained Compactors
from Quality Bilt Equipment

Reduce your solid waste disposal cost, contain messy and liquid garbage, and save on space with our vertical self-contained compactor. This vertical self-contained compactor is perfect for our customers with limited space – restaurants, motels, fast food, apartment complexes, and grocery... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
Apartment Packer -- AP-2430
from Sebright Products, Inc.

Sebright Products Stationary Compactors vary from the Sebright model AP2430 Apartment stationary compactor which has a clear top opening of 24" x 28.5" and is used in such places as the NY, NY Hilton Hotel with trash falling over 40 floors to our Sebright model 9860-2-6, a twin cylinder monster... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor
  • Applications: Food Products; Scrap / Solid Waste
  • Material Condition: Dry; Wet
  • Maximum Operating Force: 9.43
Apartment Packer -- APT-331
from SP Industries, Inc.

Product Description. Designed for high rise apartment complexes the APT-331is small, compact, and is totally automatic. Compaction starts automatically when residents fill the chamber with waste often fed to the compactor thru a chute system. Your choice of container sizes from two cubic yards to... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Compactor (optional feature)