Fluted Knob Knobs (industrial) Datasheets

Round Fluted Clamping Knobs -- 0099
from Davies Molding, LLC

#9658; Clamping knobs are available in different materials, thermoplastic, and phenolic for a multiple of applications. ► A variety of shapes and diameters with plain, tapped bosses or with studs are available with standard threads to fit the application. ► Perfect for the industrial... [See More]

  • Knob Type: Clamping / Torque Knob; Fluted
  • Diameter / Width: 3.44
  • Knob Material: Plastic
  • Height: 1.5
Fluted Plastic Knobs
from Jergens, Inc.

Material: Plastic. Finish: Tumble. Insert Threads: Brass. Bushing: Brass. Stud Threads: Zinc Plated Steel. For heavy torque applications, clamping devices, adjusting rods [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted
  • Mounting Type: Stud
  • Knob Material: Plastic
  • Colors / Finishes Available: Tumble
from RS Components, Ltd.

Black winged & skirted knob,3/4in cap - Variable Resistors - Potentiometer Knobs [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted; Instrument / Control Knob
  • Height: 0.5984
  • Diameter / Width: 1.12
  • Bore Diameter: 0.2500
Phenolic Fluted Knobs
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Large easy-grip phenolic knob that is excellent for either fine-adjustment or high-torque applications. Molded-in brass insert provides superior thread strength. [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted
  • Material Description: Black Phenolic Plastic
  • Knob Material: Plastic
  • Diameter / Width: 1.38 to 3.25
Fluted Knob -- 04B-15BIM10
from Electronic Hardware Corporation

Electronic Hardware Corporation manufactures and distributes custom plastic knobs. Electronic Hardware Corporation supplies the largest variety of Aerospace Plastic Knobs, Aircraft Plastic Knobs, Instrument Knobs, Military Knobs, Consumer Plastic Knobs, Control Plastic Knobs and Push-On Plastic... [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted; Spinner
  • Material Description: Thermoset
  • Knob Material: Plastic
  • Diameter / Width: 1.5
BT Series -- BT.16 B-10-32
from Elesa U.S.A. Corporation

Resistant to solvents, grease and other chemicals, brass insert [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted
  • Material Description: High Impact Technopolymer, Brass Insert
  • Knob Material: Plastic
  • Diameter / Width: 0.6299
Fluted Knobs -- F2-0.164
from Innovative Components, Inc.

Insert materials include steel, brass, stainless, and aluminum [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted
  • Material Description: Polypropylene, Optional ABS or Nylon
  • Knob Material: Plastic
  • Diameter / Width: 1.38
DIN 6336-TP
from J. W. Winco, Inc.

DIN 6336-TP nylon plastic hand knobs are an economical choice, yet offer top quality and ergonomic styling. [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted
from Monroe Engineering

Material-Steel. Black Oxide Finish [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted
  • Material Description: Steel
  • Knob Material: Metal
  • Diameter / Width: 1
CORONADO FLUTED KNOB, 6.35MM -- 95F7043 [ES20-252050 from Electronic Hardware Corporation]
from Newark / element14

CORONADO FLUTED KNOB, 6.35MM; Knob / Dial Style:Fluted; Shaft Diameter:6.35mm; Knob Diameter:35.052mm; Shaft Type:Round; Knob Material:Thermoplastic [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted
  • Diameter / Width: 1.38
  • Knob Material: Plastic
Coronet 6 Lobe Knob Series -- CR-10
from Rogan Corporation

Knob Style: Solid Top and Hole-Thru with optional Snap in Cap (sizes CR-2 & CR-5 available only in a Solid Top). Material: Single-Shot ABS. Stud Length: Up to 3 inches. Metal Hardware: Zinc Plated Brass Female Threaded Insert, Zinc Plated Brass Bushing & Set Screw or Zinc Plated Steel Stud. [See More]

  • Knob Type: Clamping / Torque Knob; Fluted
  • Material Description: Brass Insert or Plated Stud
  • Knob Material: Plastic
  • Diameter / Width: 1.25
Phenolic Fluted Knobs -- 85210
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

These knobs feature large flutes for comfortable grasp and a sturdy hub design which makes them ideal for use on clamping devices, adjusting rods, valves, electrical controls, etc. Three diameter sizes are available. They have threaded brass inserts. They are available in black only. The max temp is... [See More]

  • Knob Type: Fluted