2.5 V Logic Latches

Clock and Data Distribution -- SY100S350
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The SY100S350 offers six high-speed D-Latches with both true and complement outputs, and is performance compatible for use with high-performance ECL systems. When both enable signals (Ea and Eb) are at a logic LOW, the latches are transparent and the input signals( D0-D5) appear at the outputs... [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 2.5V; 3.3V; 5V
  • Operating Current: 125
  • Latch Type: D
  • Logic Family: LVPECL
16-bit D-type transparent latch -- 74LVC162373ADGG,11
from Nexperia

The 74LVC162373A and 74LVCH162373A are 16-bit D-type transparent latches with separate D-type inputs with bus hold (74LVCH162373A only) for each latch and 3-state outputs for bus-oriented applications. One latch enable (pin nLE) input and one output enable (pin nOE) are provided for each octal. [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 1.2V; 1.5V; 1.8V; 2.5V; 3V; 3.3V; 3.6V; 1.2 - 3.6
  • Propagation Delay: 3.2
  • Latch Type: Transparent-D
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 125
SN74ALVCH162260 12-Bit To 24-Bit Multiplexed D-Type Latch With 3-State Outputs -- 74ALVCH162260DLRG4
from Texas Instruments

12-Bit To 24-Bit Multiplexed D-Type Latch With 3-State Outputs 56-SSOP -40 to 85 [See More]

  • Supply Voltage: 1.8V; 2.5V; 3.3V; 3.6V; 1.8,2.5,2.7,3.3
  • Output Characteristics: 3-State
  • Latch Type: D
  • Operating Current: 0.0400