External Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Chips Datasheets

Data Acquisition - Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) -- 1016-1574-5-ND [XRD5410AIP-F from Exar Corporation]
from Digi-Key Electronics

IC DAC 10BIT SRL 8DIP [See More]

  • Reference Access: External
  • Package Type: DIP; PDIP; 8-DIP (0.300", 7.62mm)
  • Interface Type: SPI; SPI
  • Packing Method: Tube
D/A Converter -- MCP4706
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

MCP4706 is a single channel, 8-bit, voltage output Digital-to-Analog Converter with integrated EEPROM and an I2C Compatible Serial Interface. The MCP47X6 DAC family offers integrated non-volatile memory (EEPROM) which allows DAC register and configuration bit values to be saves at powered off. The... [See More]

  • Reference Access: External
  • Package Type: 6/DFN 6/SOT-23
  • Interface Type: I2C
  • Production Status: Full-Production; In Production
1003824 [DAC7614U from Texas Instruments Standard Linear and Logic]
from RS Components, Ltd.

A range of Dual, Quad and Eight channel 12-bit Digital to Analogue Converters (DACs) from Texas Instruments. The range includes both Parallel and Serial interface types with various output options. Resolution = 12 bit. Number of DAC Channels = 4. Digital Interface Type = Serial. Mounting Type =... [See More]

  • Reference Access: External
  • Package Type: SOIC; SOIC
  • Interface Type: Serial
  • Resolution: 12
ADS1218 24-Bit, 780 SPS ADC w/FLASH Memory, 8 CH, Vref, Buffer, 2 IDACs, Serial Out, Digital I/O, Low Power -- ADS1218Y/250
from Texas Instruments

24-Bit, 780 SPS ADC w/FLASH Memory, 8 CH, Vref, Buffer, 2 IDACs, Serial Out, Digital I/O, Low Power 48-TQFP [See More]

  • Reference Access: Internal; External
  • Package Type: TQFP
  • Interface Type: Serial; SPI
  • Screening Level: Catalog
µP-Compatible, 14-Bit DAC -- MX7536
from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

The MX7536 is a high performance CMOS monolithic 14-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that is optimized and specified to operate as a bipolar output part. Since the resistors required for 4-quadrant multiplying operation are included in the MX7536, only two op amps and a voltage reference are... [See More]

  • Reference Access: External
  • Package Type: SOIC; PLCC; CDIP; PDIP
  • Interface Type: Parallel
  • Pins: 28
CA3338ACMOS Video Speed, 8-Bit, 50 MSPS, R2R D/A Converters -- CA3338A
from Techwell, Inc.

Key Features. CMOS/SOS Low Power. R2R Output, Segmented for Low "Glitch". CMOS/TTL Compatible Inputs. Fast Settling: (Typ) to 1/2 LSB 20ns. Feedthrough Latch for Clocked or Unclocked Use. Accuracy (Typ) ±0.5 LSB. Data Complement Control. High Update Rate (Typ) 50MHz. Unipolar or Bipolar... [See More]

  • Reference Access: External
  • DNL: 0.7500
  • Resolution: 8
  • INL: 0.7500
from Universal Semiconductor, Inc.

The USC1841 contains four 8 bit Digital to Analog Converters (DAC), with output amplifiers and digital interface logic and storage for each DAC. Full specified performance is achieved without trim. The chip contains 8 bit latches for each of the four DACs. Data transfer is over a common 8 bit bus... [See More]

  • Reference Access: External
  • Production Status: Full-Production
  • Package Type: DIP
  • Screening Level: Commercial; Industrial; Military