Application Software Included Ink Jet Printers Datasheets

Ink Jet Printer -- Linx® 4900
from Diagraph, an ITW Company

Small character, for wash down and harsh environments, 2-line printer, [See More]

  • Features: Industrial Metal Housing; Memory / Storage; Programmable; Application Software Included (optional feature)
  • Printing Width: 2 to 9
  • Printing Rate: 6248 to 7254
  • Digital Interface: Serial/Digital; RS232
Scan-and-Print Solution -- SP400X™ Imprinter
from Handheld

Powerful performance for logistic operations. The SP400X is the first and only scan-and-print solution to integrate 2-D imaging, inkjet printing and wireless communication in one device. It's designed to simplify high-volume logistic operations centers and postal services that use manual scanning... [See More]

  • Features: Copy/Scan; Application Software Included
  • Digital Interface: Serial/Digital; Mini-B USB 1.1 Full-Speed Port
  • Printing Rate: 1016
  • Media Handling: Paper; Wood / Corrugated Paper; Logistic Packages
Eagle® Series
from ID Technology, LLC - a division of Pro Mach

Four print heads, one controller, Windows-based graphical user interface [See More]

  • Features: Memory / Storage; Programmable; Application Software Included
  • Printing Width: 18 to 71
  • Printing Rate: 1016
  • Resolution: 200
Large Character Hot Melt Case Printer -- 5200
from Markem-Imaje

Flexible, simple and easy to control, dependable [See More]

  • Features: Memory / Storage; Programmable; Application Software Included
  • Resolution: 200 to 750
  • Printing Rate: 2967
  • Number of Colors: 1
Primera Color Printers -- LX400
from MPI Label Systems

LX400 uses high resolution inkjet technology to print full-color labels on demand. No lead times, no minimum order requirements, no obsolete label inventory, and no plate and die charges. Four built-in print resolutions let you select the combination of print quality and speed that fits your... [See More]

  • Features: Color Printing; Programmable; Cutter; Application Software Included
  • Resolution: 600 to 4800
  • Printing Width: 19 to 102
  • Number of Colors: 1.67E7
Clean Code -- EV I
from Open Date Systems, Inc.

The basic inkjet coder in the CleanCode series is the EV 1. It has been designed to be completely expandable yet is priced to be competitive with the lowest cost coders being used in production today. Variable Character Heights Inkjet code a one line message in 12.5mm characters or two lines of text... [See More]

  • Features: Application Software Included (optional feature)
  • Resolution: 300
  • Printing Rate: 50 to 1000
  • Media Handling: Packaging Materials
Photo-Quality, Lower-Volume Label Printer -- Zeo!
from QuickLabel Systems

Print Speed and Photo Quality: The Zeo! is pretty fast for a “low volume ” label printer – you can print just one label at a time, or as many as 149 photo-quality labels an hour. You don ’t have to wait to print the labels you want, and you can print in photo-quality even at... [See More]

  • Features: RoHS; Color Printing; Programmable; Application Software Included
  • Printing Width: 25 to 213
  • Printing Rate: 0.5080 to 6.35
  • Resolution: 300 to 4800
Graphics System -- Videojet® 4320
from Videojet Technologies, Inc.

Videojet 4320 Ink Jet Addressing Systems. Flexible, scalable and multi-purpose. Easy to use. Flexible, scalable and multi-purpose. Optimum print quality and running cost. Total quality of jobs guarantied. Easy to use technology. The Videojet 4320 ® is proven technology, incorporating durable and... [See More]

  • Features: Color Printing; Application Software Included
  • Number of Colors: 5
  • Resolution: 150 to 600
  • Digital Interface: Serial/Digital