QFP IC Sockets and Headers Datasheets

High-Frequency (RF) Interposer Socket
from Aries Electronics, Inc.

FEATURES. Pressure-mount plunge to board interposer. Multiple configurations: MLF, QFN, CSP, BGA, MSOP, QSOP, QFP, and more. Very low inductance per contact site. High cycle life with easy maintenance. Manual or Automated Handler applications. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS. INSERTION LOSS: less than -1dB... [See More]

  • Socket Type: BGA; CSP; QFNL; QFP
  • Current Rating: 4
  • Product Type: IC Socket
  • Contact Resistance: 20
from Winslow Adaptics Ltd.

QFP208, IC SOCKET [See More]

  • Socket Type: QFP
  • Number of Contacts: 208
  • Product Type: IC Socket