Polarization Index Motor Test Equipment Datasheets

5 kV Electric Motor Analyzer -- MCE™ (Motor Circuit Evaluator)
from PdMA Corporation

The MCE ™ (Motor Circuit Evaluator) is a comprehensive static motor tester that produces detailed analyses of motor and circuit conditions in as little as three minutes. Analysis of the motor and associated circuits through MCE ™ testing allows for the detection of electrical faults in... [See More]

  • Offline Test Parameters: Dielectric Absorption Ratio; Field Capacitance; Field Ground Resistance; Field Inductance; Field Resistance; Ground Capacitance; Inductance Balance; Resistance Balance; Phase to Phase Resistance; Phase to Phase Inductance; Polarization Index
  • Input Voltage: 250 to 5000
  • Form Factor: Mobile
  • Features: Battery Powered; Computer Interface; Storage; Integrated Data Logger; Graphic Results; Printer / Plotter Interface
Baker AWA-IV Automated Surge/Step-Voltage/Resistance Analyzer Static Motor Analyzer -- Baker AWA-IV/12
from SKF USA

The SKF Static Motor Analyzer – Baker AWA-IV series of predictive maintenance solutions offers flexibility in providing fault recognition in a single portable instrument. The Baker AWA-IV integrates a wide range of electrical tests, including surge, DC hipot, step voltage, continuous ramp,... [See More]

  • Offline Test Parameters: Dielectric Absorption Ratio; Polarization Index
  • Online Test Parameters: Continuous Ramped Step-Voltage, Enhanced Reference Surge Waveform, DC Hipot, Winding Resistance Test, Surge Test
  • Form Factor: Stand Alone / Bench
  • Features: Storage; Fully Automated; Graphic Results