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  • EEPROM Endurance Tutorial
    The definition of "endurance" (as applied to EEPROMs) contains various words and phrases that require clear definition and understanding. As shown in the following paragraphs, different manufacturers use different standards. "Endurance cycling" is a test performed by all manufacturers (and some
  • Engine Cell Exhaust: Catalytic Oxidizer
    Endurance testing of outboard motors for boats has typically been done in lakes and sometimes on barges. This testing was time consuming, presented logistic problems and removed the testing from the R & D department and the factory. When a company in Oklahoma decided to build their own endurance
  • Medical Device Link . Characterizing Silicone Elastomers for Pump Tubing Applications
    the pumps subject the tubing to an ongoing endurance test, pump manufacturers require strong, flexible tubing that resists compression set and that offers the necessary level of purity. The tubing must be biocompatible and consistent in size, and it must not become distorted in use, which could cause
  • The ESDU Engineer - Issue 10
    Data Item No. 97024, "Derivation of endurance curves from fatigue test data, including run-outs", and the two Fortran programs that accompany it. The Data Item and programs provide a method for the consistent derivation of an S-N curve from a set of fatigue data. The method is applicable to data
  • World's First Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine Hybrid - May 2002 FCT -
    of a fuel cell and microturbine has passed a key site acceptance test and the major endurance phase of its test program is under way.
  • Colorful durable surface graphics
    QUV weather testing, salt spray, and outdoor endurance testing and subsequently signed a 20-yr license with 5-yr exclusivity with Kolorfusion for decorating ATVs. The graphics on air rifles from Daisy Outdoor Products, Rogers, Ark., were originally put on using a traditional dipping process
  • Load Cell Application - Brake Evaluation
    of the manufacturing and design process. It starts from the initial development stage, followed by endurance, lab and track testing, and continues through the production process for an added quality assurance. A pedal force sensor operates by being attached to the top of the brake pedal in the test
  • Zap! Hydraulic filters thwart shocking behavior
    . The two-day test demonstrated the feasibility of sustainable flight using solar-electric power. The test flight of the SoLong solar-powered aircraft by , San Dimas, Calif., was more a test of endurance for its seven ground-based pilots than the craft. The fatigued team, lead by AC Propulsion's
  • Use of Residual Compression in Design to Improve Damage Tolerance in Ti-6Al-4V Aero Engine Blade Dovetails (.pdf)
    mapping techniques. LPB produced compression in the dovetail region up to a depth of 0.065 in. The HCF performance with EDM notches up to 0.040 in. deep was tested. LPB processed specimens with 0.020 in. deep EDM notch showed an endurance limit of 100 ksi, greater than that of the baseline undamaged