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  • Jet Engine Turbine Blade Gauging
    Specialists in the investment casting and machining of alloy metals, such as aluminium and titanium, which are primarily used for jet aircraft engines and airframes, have to measure the dimensions of the blades after surface grinding.
  • Blast Cabinets: by Engine Builder Magazine
    Knowing why you would use a wet machine over dry and knowing when siphon is better than direct pressure or visa-versa is required to make sure any custom engine builder gets the right machine the first time.
  • A Designing Machine
    software to design equipment used in the packaging, medical and electrical fields around the world. The unique Vellum interface is incredibly productive for conceptualizing new products and drawing the machines to manufacture them. Says Beaudry, "The geometry engine is phenomenal." Beaudry especially
  • Manufacturing Combustion Parts for Aircraft Engine and APU Applications
    The heart of the axial flow turbine engine is the combustion chamber. This is where fuel and air are mixed and ignited, with air velocity determining how far through the chamber the flame front extends. Parts used in the combustion system need a complex combination of properties. Creep resistance
  • Trivibe - Practical Approach to the Vibration & Temperature Monitoring of Diesel Engines
    The Trivibe sensor can be mounted on the engine block, center-lined to the machine casing. The green blocks below indicate where the sensors should be mounted when monitoring for engine block vibration and crankcase vibration at one to ten times the machine running speed (ips, rms).
  • Case Studies [Air Gap Sensor] :Detected the seating of engine parts with 0.5µm repeatability
    The client is a manufacturer that produces engine parts for major automakers. A representative of the processing department consulted us on "seating confirmation" of the work and jig during machining.
  • Machining Titanium
    for titanium products. Titanium applications are most significant in jet engine and airframe components that are subject to temperatures up to 1100 °F and for other critical structural parts. Titanium is alloyed with aluminum, manganese, iron, molybdenum and other metals to increase strength
  • Power Take-Off Gear Manufacturing Takes Off
    Power take-offs, or PTOs, take power from a power source and transmit it to another application. A common example is a vehicle such as a truck or tractor's engine powering attachments or secondary machines. By taking power from the existing engine, PTOs allow vehicles to perform a secondary

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