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  • Multiplexing LED Drive and 4x4 Keypad Sampling
    Many applications require driving LEDs along with an interface to a keypad. Implementing such designs usually involves using up significant amounts of the processors I/O lines. This application note describes a method which uses only 16 I/O pins of a PIC16C5X microcontroller to sample a 4x4 keypad
  • Interfacing a 4x4 Matrix Keypad with an 8-Bit GPIO Expander
    AN1081 Interfacing a 4x4 Matrix Keypad with an 8-Bit GPIO Expander * I/O Direction Register (IODIR): The IODIR Author: Mike Curran register controls the direction of the port pins. A Microchip Technology Inc. high on the corresponding bit configures the pin as an input and a low configures
  • Food Depositor Machine
    TRM helped a food machine manufacturer to automate a dough depositor machine by using a 3 axis motion controller with colour screen and keypad
  • The Drive for Simplicity: Defining Trends in Motor Drives
    By Ilpo Ruohonen, Mika Paakkonen, Mikko S. Koskinen ABB's R &D team scrutinized every -aspect of how a user interfaces with a drive and developed what it believes is the most user-friendly keypad ever. The keypad for the ABB standard drive features only eight soft keys, through which all parameters
  • Computer Power User Article - Road Warrior
    , high-end, tri-band, GSM mobile handset. Inspired more by modern watch-making techniques than typical mobile technology, the phone features a stainless steel casing and an ultra-sleek design. For example, the keys on the keypad are fabricated with injection-molding technology, and the display is made
  • Implementing Wake Up on Keystroke
    Microchip's PIC16CXXX microcontroller family are ideally suited to directly interface to a keypad. The high 4-bits of PORTB (RB7:RB4) have internal pull-ups and can trigger a ?change on state? interrupt. This interrupt, if enabled, will wake the microcontroller from SLEEP. In most battery powered
  • Jog Circuit for the SP500 Drive: Setup and Configuration
    The success of the SP500 as an AC PWM drive can largely be attributed to its ease of set-up and configuration. Unlike the newer AC drives, however, neither the keypad nor the terminal board offered a dedicated jog PB. Should the need arise, jog functionality can be achieved by the methods discussed
  • Auto-Manual Selection Control: Drive Set-Up and Configuration
    Equipment users often desire to interface our drives products to an auto-manual selector switch. Typically, this will involve a remote reference for the drive in the auto mode and a potentiometer or local reference in manual mode. There is an auto-manual keypad selection for the GV3000/SE
  • The Drive for Simplicity: Defining Trends in Motor Drives
    and cheaper for its customers. By combining functions and cutting part counts, ABB has reduced the size of its drives while enhancing their reliability. The company has also developed a simplified set-up procedure using a harmonized keypad and software wizards that can be used across the ABB drive
  • Medical Device Link .
    system prints and applies bar-coded labels to the end or side of a microplate. The microplate labeling system features a soft touch keypad and screened label and ribbon feed paths and can interface with either a PC or handheld terminals. Labels contain readable information for
  • Using KEELOQ (R) to generate Hopping Passwords
    The purpose of this application note is to demonstrate how KEELOQ (R) code hopping technology can be conveniently employed to implement an automatic code hopping password generator/keypad. Using a PIC12C508, the hopping code produced by an HCS300 is converted to a string of 16 hex digits
  • Scan-Plast Metalgraphics Ltd. Signs Up With TherMark
    with identification, informational and directional sign requirements; and electronics companies with illustrative overlay and keypad design. Fletcher and Beliveau built up the Edmonton, Alberta-based company during the last 35 years, and it has grown to seven employees. "We're a sign manufacturer, and we
  • Using the Port B Interrupt on Change as an External Interrupt
    with the software programmable weak internal pull-ups, a direct interface to a keypad is possible. This is shown in application note AN552, Implementing Wake-up on Key Stroke. Another way to use the ?interrupt on change? feature would be as additional external interrupt sources. This allows PIC16CXXX devices
  • Car Reviews: 2009: FWD Lincoln MKS
    with the jewel-like HID adaptive headlights, gives the car its head-turning distinctive look. The car's generous list of standard features, some of which fall into the high-tech gadgetry category, include a 275-hp engine, SecuriCode Invisible Keypad, Easy Fuel capless fuel tank, and Sirius Satellite Radio

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