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  • Missing the Point: Gage Variability and Operational Definitions
    The process of analyzing gage variability is often highly structured, involving an examination of the gages themselves for sensitivity to temperature changes, magnetic fields, and other factors.
  • Ampere*turn Versus mT And Gauss
    . That is, the magnetic field is different with and without a reed switch present. The relationship between magnet strength, reed switch sensitivity, and activation distance is dependent on both the size and shape of the magnet and the position and shape of the reed switch, including its leads
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    are used mostly as replacements for electromechanical magnetic switches such as ampule and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) reed switches. Spintronic sensors promise improved sensitivity and precision over electromechanical sensors, along with inherent reliability because of the absence of moving
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    sensitive and quantitative results from strip assays. The biochemical sensitivity of these assays is limited more by the lateral-flow strip technology than by the detection technology. Rapid improvements along several fronts --for example, in membrane properties and uniformity, magnetic
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    Products benefit from increased sensitivity and resistance to interference. Many medical devices must be able to accurately assess the conditions of their surrounding environments to function properly. To accomplish this important task, design engineers often incorporate any of a number
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    procedures, the issues of binding capacity and specificity are critical. Higher binding capacities characteristic of magnetic microparticles are usually associated with increased sensitivity and lower cost per assay. And magnetic carriers have recently been finding employment in clinical and biomedical
  • Improved Interferometric Optical Testing
    Interferometry is used for testing optical components and optical systems as well as the metrology of many other components, such as the flatness and roughness of hard disk drive platters and the shape of magnetic recording heads and machined parts. This article describes three recent advances
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    of magnetic microspheres and polymer beads as the solid phase in automated immunoassays --resulting in automation, faster reactions, increased sensitivity, and shorter time per assay --has been one of the biggest technological advances. The technical capability to develop and produce, on an industrial

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