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  • Using Digital Potentiometers to Design Low-Pass Adjustable Filters
    The most common filter found in a data acquisition system signal path is a low-pass filter. This type of filter is usually used to reduce A/D Converter (ADC) aliasing errors. If there is more than one signal that is applied to the A/D converter through a multiplexer, each signal source may have its
  • Oil Removal from Produced Water with Organoclay on a Platform Near China (.pdf)
    An onsite pilot test was conducted to determine the effectiveness of an organoclay system in meeting the produced water effluent discharge goals for oil at a platform in the China Sea. The produced water was passed through a filter system that included an absorber vessel filled with a granular
  • Oil removal with organoclay on a platform in Chinese Sea (.pdf)
    An onsite pilot test was conducted to determine the effectiveness of an organoclay systems in meeting the produced water effluent discharge for oil at a platform n the China Sea. The produced water was passed through a filter system that included an absorber vessel filled with a granular organoclay
  • Handling, Installation and Burn-off Procedure for HEPA Filters
    through a filter,. if it is to be rated as HEPA grade. Typically the paper passes fewer than 1 in 10,000. None of these is larger than 5 microns, unless there is a leak in the filter.
  • Biodiesel filtration with MaxFlo case study Filter Press
    . There was initial particle bleeding through in the filtrate. Circulation of filtrate was conducted to help initial cake layer formation inside the filter press to prevent further particle bleed through. After 5 minutes circulation, the filtrate became clear visually. A filtrate sample was sent to the lab
  • the desired information. Some applications that use spectral filtering are: identifying places in a scene that have been marked with a fluorescent dye, by using a spectral filter in front of the camera that allows only light of the wavelength of the fluorescence to pass through the filter.
  • Smart Computing Article - fill to Fireworks
    Film recorders produce high-resolution slides and prints. A film recorder re-creates images with the use of a built-in CRT. Next, the light passes through a color filter wheel. A lens focuses the images and directs the light on to 35mm camera negative film or slide film. A film recorder, sometimes
  • Smart Computing Article - Encryption & Secure Data Transmission
    that is basically the opposite of encrypting. Decrypting data means to filter an encrypted, or coded, file through a reverse algorithm to restore the original message. Q: What is asymmetric encryption? In asymmetric, or public key, encryption, users generate a set of keys, one public and one private
  • Smart Computing Article - Friendly Firewalls: No Trespassing Allowed
    . Firewall technology can be as simple as a set of rules designed to filter requests, or as elaborate as a specially configured, multi-computer gateway. In theory, both types of firewalls operate the same way. They function as portals through which all traffic must flow. Firewalls screen and filter any
  • BioProcess Control: What the Next 15 Years Will Bring
    ]. The EP IR analyzer is a non-dispersive measurement where the radiation beam is dispersed according to wavelength after it has passed through a sample. The energy is converted into spectral components and distributed according to frequency over a spinning disk; the encoder. The encoder disk contains
  • Tangential Flow Filtration Explores New Niches
    the product, and relies upon two filtration skids. Product slurry in the harvest tank passes through the first TFF skid, isolating the product fragments. This isolation step can use either a microfiltration membrane or ultrafiltration membrane with a high-molecular-weight cutoff to filter out
  • Semiconductor: Dissolved Ozone Measurement in Semiconductor Ultrapure Water Systems
    Ozonation is used to disinfect and sanitize ultrapure water as it passes through final filtering and distribution equipment. The goal is to control bacteria levels of the ultrapure water transported to the fab. Biological growth would generate organics or particles that would detrimentally affect
  • Transient Suppression Devices & Principles (.pdf)
    it from propagating away from its source or keeping it from impinging on a sensitive load is accomplished with filters inserted in series within a circuit. The filter, generally of the low-pass type, attenuates the transient (high frequency) and allows the signal or power flow (low-frequency
  • A Serial Bootloader for PIC24F Devices
    to bootload from a computer through itsthe bootloader. Data is received through the UART standard serial interface. The following defaultmodule and passed through the transmit/receive communication settings are used:engine. The engine filters and parses the data, storing the information into a data
  • Understanding Low Outgassing Adhesives
    of adhesives,. encapsulants and sealants that have been specially. formulated for low outgassing performance. Adhesives that have passed the industry-standard. outgassing test (ASTM E595) offer a range of physical. properties tailored to aerospace, optical and electronic. applications. While it's true
  • Environmental Noise Control Trends in Instrumentation
    out by a Sound Level Meter - or "SLM". Sound Level Meter technology has evolved quite a bit over the years. In the days before digital technology was common-place, sound level meters were based on analog circuitry. A microphone produces a signal that is rectified. The rectified signal is filtered