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  • The Many Benefits of SCR Power Control
    In today's competitive, cost-conscious industrial landscape, semiconductor and general manufacturing industries need a reliable, flexible, and precise way to control electric-heating processes. These applications require precise control, ease-of-use, and excellent reliability. SCR power controllers
  • Selecting SCR Power Controllers to Reduce Heat Control System Panel Costs
    be controlled, and there is always the question of what to make and what to buy as a sub-assembly. These are particularly sensitive issues in the construction of SCR power control panels used for resistive and inductive heaters in ovens, kilns, environmental chambers, furnaces, and other manufacturing
  • Top Advantages Of SCR Power Controllers Over Contactors And Solid-State Relays
    This paper compares electro-mechanical contactors and solid-state relays to SCR power controllers operating in a similar on-off manner. SCR power controllers deliver a number of advantages that can lead to lower costs and better process control.
  • What You Need to Know About SCR Power Controllers
    Temperature regulation is required in nearly every manufacturing process, typically for the purposes. of material heating, melting, drying, or forming. SCR power controllers, also called silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs), play a critical role in temperature regulation. Their primary use
  • Phase Control Using Thyristors (.pdf)
    Due to high-volume production techniques, thyristors are now priced so that almost any electrical product can benefit from electronic control. A look at the fundamentals of SCR and triac phase controls shows how this is possible. Phase control is the most common form of thyristor power control
  • Simple Improvements, Significant Results - published in Power Engineering (.pdf)
    Digital control systems and advanced technologies like selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and low-NOx burners are commonly used in the power industry. Yet poor or inconsistent damper actuation remains a limiting factor in boiler control.
  • Bridge Circuits
    In control applications, operational power supplies are alternatives to other sources, ranging from simple SCR bridges used in electric drills to elaborate servoamps. The benefits of operational power supplies in these situations are high precision and moderate cost. The easiest way to understand
  • Application Note - 3 Set Speeds of Operation
    DART CONTROLS DC motor speed controls can be configured for field selectable 3 set speeds of operation by connecting a. switch in the potentiometer circuit. The 3 set speeds are as follows: Valid For Models: Any DART CONTROLS motor. control with an adjustable speed. potentiometer. SCR Series: 500

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