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  • Navy Shock Testing
    Hoffer Flow Controls is proud to announce the successful conclusion to extensive Shock and Vibration Testing conducted on our HO2 & 4-inch Flowmeters and our HIT-2A Totalizers. Hoffer Flow Controls is the only Military Shock and Vibe qualified provider of Turbine Flowmeters in the world. Northrup
  • Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook
    Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook. Written by outstanding authorities in a variety of fields, this thorough text covers basic theories of shock and vibration measurement; testing, design, and control methodologies; and practical applications of theory.
  • How to Prepare for Vibration Testing
    A key element of the new product development cycle for companies in the automotive, military,. medical device, and electronics industries is shock and mechanical vibration testing. For unbiased collection of data about how a prototype will ultimately perform in its future application, as well
  • Lithium Ion Batteries For Portable Medical And Industrial De
    Traditionally, manufacturers of medical devices have been wary of designing in Lithium Ion batteries, mainly due to reasons of safety. Today's Lithium Ion batteries are subject to different tests and testing standards, e.g. electrical safety, temperature test, shock and vibration tests in various
  • Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables for Thermal Vacuum and Vibration Test Environments
    and obscure them, rendering them useless during their intended application. During random vibration, swept sine or shock testing prior to flight, spacecraft payloads are often fitted with accelerometers in hard to reach mounting locations. As the space structure is built up around them, it can become
  • Shock Absorbers Solve Balance-Testing Bottlenecks for Fan Manufacturer
    When you want to put a rotating part through its paces, detecting unwanted vibration will often be part of the test regimen. In recent years, the process of testing and balancing rotating parts, has increasingly been automated by test systems that can measure balance - verifying that the part's
  • What's the Difference Between Dynamic Tests and Climatic Tests?
    of dynamic tests are vibration and shock testing.
  • Package Performance Testing Conundrum: Solved!
    hazards (e.g., shock, vibration, or compression) inherent to the transport and distribution of products to the end-user. The testing performed on the interior packaging after the 'conditioning' identifies whether the package system passes or fails. The pass-fail criterion (e.g., package leakage, loss
  • Case Study: Aerospace/Defense Application: Missile Engine Test Program
    Conax designed an extremely rugged mineral insulated cable assembly with a proprietary mounting support adapter to withstand high shock and vibration from missile tests. The customer wished to purchase temperature sensors to monitor fuel and air temperature on a missile test stand. Nine sensors
  • Case Study: Prosilica GigE Vision Cameras Tested for New NASA Recording System
    the vehicleâ s health and status during liftoff and free fall-back to Earth and must be able to endure vibration and shock at high G forces as well as record multiple hundreds of megabytes per second over an extended period. In addition, the system must store and retain data despite power loss, provide
  • EMI Filter Application and Test Requirements
    Choosing the right EMI filter for any application requires understanding several aspects of the equipment it will be used in. Will the equipment be subjected to extremes in electromagnetic energy, radical temperature swings, high levels of shock and vibration, or will the equipment
  • One-stop-shop laboratory replicates deep space environment
    Space flight hardware is exposed to severe shock, vibration, thermal variations and electromagnetic environments that start with launch and continue throughout its operational lifetime. Environmental tests expose the hardware to these environments in a simulation laboratory to validate the design
  • Accelerometer Mounting Considerations
    An accelerometer is an instrument that senses the motion of a surface to which it is attached, producing an electrical output signal precisely analogous to that motion. The ability to couple motion, (in the form of vibration or shock), to the accelerometer with high fidelity, is highly dependent
  • Portescap Announces DO-160G Design Capabilities
    within aircraft can withstand the environmental conditions that might be encountered during operational life, including temperature, shock, and vibration.

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