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  • A recipe for A Slick Design
    setting selected. Subjects may also test how low-friction coatings improve operation of latches, cranks, slides, and other mechanical mechanisms. The large spline shaft in an automotive drive was designed to let the drive shaft slip forward and aft slightly as the rear wheels undulate over bumps
  • Rotary Actuators
    Rotary actuators produce oscillating power by rotating an output shaft through a fixed arc. They are compact, simple, and efficient. They produce high instantaneous torque in either direction and require only a small space and simple mountings. use fluid pressure to drive a piston connected
  • Where die casting makes "cents "
    Sometimes whole assemblies can be combined into a less-expensive die-cast part. Designers of a new automotive seat were in a quandary over the most economical way to build the seat's geometrically complicated, horizontal gear drive. It was proving tough to find a process that met the gear drive's
  • Sometimes it pays to be eccentric
    the flexspline, center, with the circular spline in two regions on opposite sides of the ellipse's major axis. Harmonic-drive pancake gears from Harmonic Drive Technologies, a Peabody, Mass., harmonic-gear manufacturer, are nearly flat for applications that require high reduction ratios in small packages