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  • Alkylation for Motor Fuels
    The major difference between the two processes lies in their reactor designs — Phillips Petroleum uses a differential-gravity reactor settler, and UOP favors a pumped acid system with a vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger type reactor. In the H2SO4 acid alkylation process, it is necessary for the alkylation reaction to be carried out …
  • Transport and sorption of 85 Sr and 125 I in crushed crystalline rocks under dynamic flow conditions
    For desorption (displacement) experiments, a mixture of H2SO4 and HNO3, simulating an artificial acid rain, in a … Peristaltic pumps were used for introduction of SGW from reservoirs onto heads of the vertical columns and the vol- umes of the fractions of outflows were registered.
  • Effect of post‐induction nutrient feeding strategies on the production of bioadhesive protein in Escherichia coli
    The concentrations of glucose and acetate in the medium were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography (Hitachi L-3300 RI monitor, L-4200 UV-Vis detector, L-600 pump , D-2500 chromato-intergrator … … using 0.01 N H2SO4 as the mobile phase. … SDS-PAGE) was performed by the method of Laemmli (1970) using a SE600 vertical slab gel unit …
  • Modifying Agent Concentrations of Ceramic in H2S Removal Biotrickling Filter
    1-Na2S solution; 2- H2SO4 solution; 3-H2S generator; 4-waste water tank; 5-Gas mixing bottle; 6-gas flow meter; 7-bio-trickling reactor; 8-circulating liquid pool; 9- pump ; 10- valve; 11-tail gas absorption bottle (Noah solution); 12-exhaust … The vertical plexiglass biotrickling filter was developed for biodegrade H2S.
    Knock-out pots, flash drums, etc have been sized adopting traditional methodologies choosing vertical or horizontal equipment … Pumping equipment (centrifugal pumps or rotary pumps, along with diaphragm pumps, have been adopted) were sized choosing … A three-stage centrifugal compressor was adopted to recycle SO2 in the H2SO4 decomposition section, internally recovering …
    The ternary H2SO4 /OA/H2O solution droplets homogeneously froze at Sice = 1.38 ( vertical green line), yielding a peak ice parti- cle number concentration of about 80 cm−3. Whereas in the first expansion cooling cycle a fast pump- ing speed (200 m3 h−1) was used to produce a large number of ice crystals that could trigger the precipitation of oxalic acid dihydrate, the pumping speed and thus the humidifica- tion …
  • Correlation of radioactive waste treatment costs and the environmental impact of waste effluents in the nuclear fuel cycle: conversion of yellow cake to urani...
    … screw, 6 in. diam x 20 ft Mixing tank, 2000 gallon, CS (2) H2SO4 tank, lead lined … Pump , 1 gpm, centrifugal (4) pH control equipment (2) Evaporator, 60 ft^ Condenser, ll4 ft^ Surge tank … … 20 gpm, centrifugal (4) Pipeline, 1000 ft, 3 in. ABS, 150 pipe Centrifuge, 12 in. vertical basket .
  • pH preference and avoidance responses of adult brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis and brown trout Salmo trutta
    At each division, a peristaltic pump introduced basic water through 6⋅4 mm diameter soaker hose which had … … and pH measurements indicated equal distribution of basic water across the width and vertical profile of the … … tank that had been acidified to pH 7⋅7 (source water pH = 8⋅3) with H2SO4 the previous day …
    Assuming adiabatic cooling, these values would correspond to vertical velocities of the order 120 cm s−1, typical … Further, modeled and measured onset times of freezing tnuc, freezing temperatures Tnuc, and H2SO4 mass fractions Wnuc … The onset times noted here refer to the beginning of chamber pumping to compare with Table 2 …
  • GGR Biennial Critical Review: Analytical Developments Since 2010
    Hashimoto et al. (2010) used KMnO4 and H2SO4 to oxidise chloride to chlorine gas, which dramatically increased … Zheng et al. (2010) describe a novel thin-film reactor utilising a thin film of sample pumped onto a vertical quartz rod that allows the rapid escape of gener- ated hydrophobic species while simultaneously enabling vapour generation and gas–liquid separation.