Transformer Winding Services Information

Transformer winding services design transformers and other magnetics products for application-specific and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) usage in a variety of industrial, medical, military, aerospace, telecommunications, commercial and specialty applications. Often, transformer design is best accomplished through consultative development with transformer winding services. These companies can assist and advise on design optimization and cost options. The transformer winding services in this search form can produce customer-specified designs and quantities for many types of applications and environments.


Transformer winding services work with different types of transformers. Some transformers are used to step-up the generator voltage for transmission. Others step-down the transmission voltage to intermediate levels of distribution. While transformer designs can vary greatly depending upon the application and power generation / output needs, almost all follow the same basic configuration. Transformers generally consist of one or more winding or coils, made of conducting wire, which is wound on a former or bobbin. The bobbin surrounds the central limb of the circuit, which is fabricated from magnetic material, and usually referred to as the core. Transformer winding services may use various core materials.


When designing transformers, transformer winding services may include multiple limbs in the transformer design. The winding wires are insulated and the core is made from thin sheet steel plates known as laminations. The laminations serve to reduce the losses incurred due to eddy current resistance. Clamps hold the entire assembly together, and these clamps are held in place by long screws that are insulated from the rest of the structure. The winding wires are either attached to terminals mounted on the clamps or they may leave the coil by flying leads.


Some of the more common transformer styles that may be fabricated by transformer winding services include autotransformers, buck boost transformers, control transformers, current transformers, distribution transformers, ferroresonant transformers, filament transformers, flyback transformers, high frequency transformers, isolation transformers, laminated transformers, power transformers, pulse transformer, radio frequency (RF) transformers, step-up and step-down transformers, switchmode transformers, three phase transformers, and toroidal transformers. In addition to the listed types, transformer winding services providers can also create specialized or proprietary transformers per customer needs.