Buffer Amplifiers Information

Buffer Amplifiers InformationBuffer amplifiers have unity gain. They are used to match impedances between two devices, or as isolators. Buffer amplifiers carry performance specifications such as operating temperature, input offset voltage, supply voltage, supply current and bandwidth.


Slew rate and bandwidth are also important considerations. With buffer amplifiers, slew rate at which the output voltage changes in response to a step input.


Bandwidth refers to the ability of a buffer amplifier to provide a maximum output voltage swing with increasing frequency. At some frequency, the output will become the slew rate and begin to degrade. 


Integrated Circuit (IC) Package Types


Common (IC) Package Types


  • Single in-line package (SIP)
  • Dual in-line package (DIP)
  • Ceramic DIP (CDIP)
  • Plastic DIP (PDIP)
  • Small outline IC (SOIC)

  • Shrink small outline package (SSOP)

  • Small outline package (SOP)

  • Chip scale or chip size package (DSP)

Additional IC Package Types


  • Mini small outline plastic package (MSOP)
  • Small outline transistor (SOT)
  • Power small outline package (PSOP)
  • Thin shrink small outline L-leaded package (TSSOP)
  • Quarter size outline package (QSOP)
  • Plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC)  



Buffer Amplifiers InformationFeatures are an important consideration when selecting buffer amplifiers. Some products have an embedded reference voltage or on-chip protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD).


Others feature rail-to-rail output or rail-to-rail input. Single supply devices can operate with only one power supply.


Buffer amplifiers with an embedded control circuit shut down the device when the temperature exceeds a predefined limit. Buffer amplifiers with embedded current limiters are also commonly available. In Europe, ICs must meet the requirements of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.



SMD 5962-80014 - Microcircuit, hybrid, linear, buffer amplifier, thick film.

MIL-C-50785/1 - Circuit card assembly, 11748226 (buffer amplifier).




Image Credits:


CONTEC Co., Ltd. | Texas Instruments Analog Automotive and Transportation  




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