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  • Definite and Special-Purpose Motors
    of a gear-reduction unit with an integral or flange-mounted rotor. The main advantage of a gearmotor is that the driving shaft may be coupled directly to the driven shaft. Belts, pulleys, chains, or additional gearing to step down motor speed are not needed. Also, coupling or belting of a motor
  • Rotor Stator Mixer Design Shifts Into High Gear
    and particle size reduction. But unlike other mixers that apply intense shearing. Rotor Stator Mixer Design Shifts into High Gear: A new high-energy mixer rewrites the rulebook...again. Charles Ross & Son Company. 710 Old Willets Path. Hauppauge, NY 11788. PH 1-800-243-ROSS. Models
  • New Universal Drive Sets Turnaround Records
    change gears need to be installed at the time the unit is ordered. By having to maintain far fewer parts on the shelf, and not having to manufacture individual sets of main gears, it is possible to provide the units in a fraction of the previously required time. The simplified manufacturing process
  • Gearhead Construction and Use
    Gearhead Construction and Use. Spur Gear Type Gearheads. Direction of Rotation. Planetary Gears. Spur Gear Type Gearheads. Spur gear type gearheads are probably the best possible choice for relatively low torque applications. They tend to be less expensive than comparably sized planetary gearheads
  • Medical Device Link .
    , according to Poehlau. "Any imaging system with magnetic features would benefit," he says, "because the gears provide high reduction ratios, precision, durability, and reasonably good torque without generating artifacts." Gear can measure between 10 and 50 mm in diameter, and produce up to 10 N∙m
  • Gearbox Preventative Maintenance is a Priority
    and pinions all suffered from metal fatigue and severe pitting. Ultimately the bearings in one of the units failed and the subsequent vibration destroyed the gears. After the gearbox was removed it was sent to a Philadelphia Gear Regional Service Facility for inspection and cost/benefit analysis
  • Spur versus planetary gearheads for dc servomotors
    that are able to run at closer tolerances. Moreover, because the material is porous, gears hold lubricant better than steel units. However, cut-steel gears tend to be more durable and are therefore a better choice for higher-torque applications. But adequate lubrication is important regardless of gear
  • Improved Cooling Tower Maintenance: The Cool, Hard Facts
    be easily upgraded to oil bath breathers which maintain adequate gear drive lubrication and prevent moisture accumulation. Figure (3) illustrates that breathers can be fed through a pipe tee, and a second pipe can be angled for drainage of collected moisture from the unit. A small petcock, installed
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    attractive to device companies, " says company president and CEO Tom Brackett. Other benefits of this technology include a size reduction in the unit and the capability to use smaller reagent and sample volumes. "By doing away with components such as tubing and fittings and locating flow paths inside

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