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  • Direct Drive (DDR) Rotary Table Construction
    mechanical transmission elements and directly couple the payload to the drive. This makes rotary drives with high dynamic responses and no hysteresis possible. The large inner diameter of a torque motor is a big advantage in machine tool design. Large hollow shaft allows designers to design rotary
  • Rotary Systems Cleans Up
    When a large, international semiconductor company was developing a process to clean their silicon wafers they contacted Rotary Systems for help. Needing to pass a proprietary cleaning solution and Nitrogen air to a spinning table, they asked us to design a custom rotary union for their specific
  • Avoiding the runaround with direct-drive rotary motion
    bearingless design lets systems mount-and-run in less than 30 min. Direct-drive rotary (DDR) systems are available in frameless, housed, and the newly developed cartridge motor format. Although many engineers are familiar with the basics of selecting conventional servo systems, the rules are a bit
  • Direct-drive motors: Fast And Accurate
    rotary loads. Increasing the pole count increases the rotor diameter, total flux, and torque moment arm which produces the higher output torque. The large hole in the center of the shaft comes from the magnetic pole design and may be used for channeling wires and process fluids when necessary
  • Direct drive leaves gears behind
    , medical diagnostics, imaging, test, and inspection require rotary motion to move lightweight parts. The traditional solution was a mechanical rotary stage, but more of these applications are giving way to direct-drive rotary motion. A direct-drive system improves accuracy and reliability
  • Getting the right angle
    count of 10,000 before subdivision. Typical angle-encoder jobs include indexing, rotary tables, swivel heads on machine tools, radio and optical telescopes and antennas, and high-resolution digital printing machines and robotics.Encoder accuracy determines the position integrity of the rotary axis
  • Prime-ratio steppers
    to create rotary motion. In addition to flux vectors that emanate from the stator-pole face, there are also flux vectors between the stator's north-south pole pairs. In a typical two-phase stepmotor, two pole pairs make up a phase
  • Medical Device Link .
    offers a full line of motion control and positioning components such as multi- and single-axis controllers in stand-alone and PC-based configurations, a full line of linear and rotary motors, and direct-drive or screw-driven linear and rotary positioning tables. Colder Products Co. is a provider

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