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  • Piecewise Linear Interpolation on PIC12/14/16 Series Microcontrollers
    complex polynomial and exponential functions, placing a great burden on the program memory, RAM and execution speed of most low-cost microcontrollers. This application note will explore a simple Piecewise Linear Interpolation technique that is often employed to linearize a sensor's output. This technique
  • Introduction
    , and concluding with the space program applications of Kalman filtering in the 1960s. Appendix B discusses the many other books that have been written on Kalman filtering, including their distinctive contributions. Finally, Appendix C presents some speculations on the connections between optimal state
  • Designing Motion-Control Systems With Electric Cylinders
    Electric cylinders are relatively inexpensive and easy to program. New options are also shortening design cycles. Improvements in dynamic response, force, and environmental parameters let electric cylinders fit applications previously dominated by leak-prone hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators
  • Math software pushes the parametrics
    supports many different levels of mathematics. For example, it calculates explicit (represented by numerical quantities) as well as symbolic (represented by equations) results. Of course, the program solves single equations with one unknown, but it also handles large systems of linear, nonlinear
  • Non-FEA companies assist with simulations
    You expect analysis news from FEA software developers, but how about from Microsoft? A user has analyzed three versions of a bracket by typing different sizes into a spreadsheet that feeds SimOffice. The software, based on the MSC.Software's MD Nastran, is capable of linear static, buckling
  • Medical Device Link .
    engineers to avoid reinventing the wheel --largely replacing proprietary embedded PCs based on individual chips, which are extremely costly and time-consuming to develop. Deeply embedded applications now have access to the same standard software tools available to a PC: application program interfaces
  • Improved Damage Tolerance Of Ti-6Al-4V Aero Engine Blades And Vanes Using Residual Compression By Design (.pdf)
    , in the presence of high residual compression. A novel Haigh diagram based method of predicting the improvement in damage tolerance is described and demonstrated for the Ti-6-4 blade and vane application using the fatigue data developed in the IHPTET HCF program and from the current work. The method allows

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  • Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science
    Linear Programming Applications to Agriculture, .
  • Linear Programming
    Linear Programming Applied to Feed-Mixing under Different Price Conditions,” Journal of Farm Economics 35, 471–483.
  • Linear Programming
    Various other linear programming applications can be found in, for example, Bradley, Hax, & Magnanti [1977], Hillier & Lieberman [1990].
  • An Annotated Timeline of Operations Research
    In 1957, as a consultant to the U.S. Navy, Ralph Go- mory was exposed to a linear programming appli- cation whose solution returned fractional values of its variables, for example, 1.3 aircraft carriers.
  • Operations Research
    This section presents a variety of linear programming applications .
  • Profiles in Operations Research
    … and noted in his reminiscences about first discovering OR: ‘‘In 1956, Fortune magazine published a sexy article about industrial applications of OR, including counting nodes to help Seabrook Farms grow peas more efficiently and a linear programming application Heinz used to distribute …
  • Operations Research
    This section presents a variety of linear programming applications .
  • Linear and Nonlinear Programming
    It will be seen, however, that this topic provides a foundation for a wide assortment of linear programming applications and, in fact, provides a different approach to the problems considered in the first part of this chapter.
  • Model Building in Mathematical Programming
    A linear programming application arises in the CURVE FITTING problem.