80-50 Scratch / Dig Cylindrical Lenses

Cylindrical Lenses

Cylindrical lenses have a spherical radius in one direction. This enables the light to be focused in one axis. A point of light can thus be stretched into a single line. Cylindrical lenses can be used in a variety of different applications, including bar code scanning or laser projection, for... [See More]

  • Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch / Dig; 40-20 Scratch / Dig; 80-50 Scratch / Dig
  • Length: 8 to 2000
  • Lens Application: Visible
  • Materials: BK7 Glass (optional feature); Crown Glass (optional feature); Flint Glass (optional feature); LaSFN9 Glass (optional feature); SF5 Glass (optional feature); SF11 Glass (optional feature); Ultra-violet grade Fused Silica
Optical Lenses
from Fairfield Crystal Technology, LLC.

OPTICAL COMPONENT MANUFACTURING. Fairfield Crystal provides component manufacturing for your most challenging designs and applications. Combined with our expertise in crystal growth our component fabrication team is able to manufacture highly polished single crystal lenses, prisms, wedges,... [See More]

  • Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch / Dig; 20-10 Scratch / Dig; 40-20 Scratch / Dig; 60-40 Scratch / Dig; 80-50 Scratch / Dig
  • Materials: Calcium Fluoride; Zinc Selenide
  • Lens Application: Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
  • Surface Flatness: λ/2; λ/4; λ/5; λ/8; λ/10; λ/20