Color Types Detected:Other Color Sensors Datasheets

colorCONTROL Circular Sensor ACS2 -- ACS2-R45/0-28-1200
from Micro-Epsilon Group

The circular sensor ACS2 is used for color measurement of structured and highly reflective surfaces as well as lustrous metals. [See More]

  • Color Types Detected: RGB (Visible); HIS
  • Light Source: LEDs
  • Number of Colors in Memory: 16
  • Output Options: Digital (NPN, PNP)
Color sensor -- VCS110-10K
from Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH

Color sensor, 100 mm detection range, white light, trigger, membrane keyboard, 4 PNP outputs, M12 plug [See More]

  • Application Type: True Color Recognition
  • Sensing Range: 100
  • Color Types Detected: modulated white light
  • Light Source: LEDs
JENCOLOR 6-channel Multiple Color Sensors -- MMCS6
from ams Sensors Germany GmbH

MMCS6-sensor in SMD LCC10 package for hand and automated assembly. Processes the measurement data based on 6 channels and one moitoring channel over the visible spectrum. Via aproximation methods it is possible to perform spectral like measurements. The special interference filter technology shows... [See More]

  • Application Type: Color Mark Detection; General Color Measurement
  • Light Source: LEDs
  • Color Types Detected: 6 spectral wavelengths (Visible)
  • Output Options: Analog Voltage