Isothermal Operation Gas Chromatographs

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Process Gas Chromatograph -- MAXUM Edition II
from Siemens Analytical Products

This process gas chromatograph, which has resulted from decades of international experience and technology development, leads the industry in capability, flexibility and reliability. The Maxum edition II is used in all branches of the fine chemicals, refining and hydrocarbon processing industries. [See More]

  • Oven Operation: Isothermal
  • Application: Industrial Gases
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured
  • Oven Temperature Range: 140 to 536
On-Line Process Gas Chromatograph Ovens with Integrated Controller -- PGC5007B
from ABB Measurement & Analytics

The PGC5007 performs a Total sulfur analysis for a range of streams, liquid and vapor, from natural gas to gasoline and diesel. A fixed volume of sample from the process stream is injected via a sample inject valve. Air transports the sample into the furnace, where it oxidizes the sample to carbon... [See More]

  • Oven Operation: Isothermal; Temperature Programmable
  • Application: Sulfur Analyzer
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured
  • Oven Temperature Range: 86 to 356
Gas Chromatograph -- Model 370XA
from Emerson Automation Solutions – Rosemount

The Danalyzer 370XA Gas Chromatograph from Emerson Process Management is the latest analyzer to join the XA Series of Rosemount Analytical gas chromatographs. The 370XA is designed to simplify natural gas measurement analysis in Fiscal and Custody Transfer applications and improve the measurement... [See More]

  • Oven Operation: Isothermal
  • Application: Environmental; Industrial Gases; Natural Gas Applications: Custody Transfer, Production Gas Measurement, Power Generation, Gas Burner Management
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured
  • Oven Temperature Range: -4 to 140
Gas Chromatograph System -- GC-8A
from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

The reliable and compact GC-8A is Shimadzu's basic gas chromatograph model for dedicated applications. Economical and simple to use, the GC-8A supports a single detector, manual pressure or flow control, on column injection port(s), and analog output. Isothermal or single temperature ramp program... [See More]

  • Oven Operation: Oven; Isothermal; Temperature Programmable
  • Application: Dedicated Applications
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured
  • Oven Temperature Range: 39.2 to 750
S-PRO 3200 -- Sulfur Analysis System
from O. I. Analytical

Automated sample injection (gas or LPG), calibration, and QA/QC [See More]

  • Oven Operation: Oven; Isothermal
  • Application: Organic Chemicals
  • Instrument Type: Fixtured
  • Oven Temperature Range: 86 to 167