Foil / Copper Tape Flat Cables Datasheets

SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-68 Ribbon-Type Cable, 1m -- PCL-10268
from Advantech

Double-shielded cable with 100-Pin to two 68-Pin SCSI connector. HPCN100: Male black insulation nickel plated. HPDB68: Male gold flash contacts, black insulator x 2. 25 twist pairs tinned and strand copper wire with drain wire. Aluminum/Mylar foil and braided copper double-shielded cable. P.V.C. [See More]

  • Cable Shielding: Braid; Drain Wire; Foil
  • Cable Conductor: Copper
  • Product Category: Cable Assembly
  • Standards / Certifications: CE Marking; FCC; UL Recognized Component Mark (US and Canadian)
Flat Cable -- 3590/10
from Alpha Wire

The planar geometry of flat cable can save significant space in board-to-board and other interconnects within equipment or cabinets. We offer extruded flat cable with both 0.050 and 0.025 pitch for fast, easy mass termination with IDC connectors. [See More]

  • Cable Shielding: Foil; FOIL
  • Number of Conductors: 10
  • Product Category: Cable
  • Rated Voltage: 0.1500
CABLE, FLAT RIBBON, 9 CONDUCTOR, 28AWG,STRANDED, PVC, SHIELDED, 300V BLACK -- 70004144 [9L28309 010100 from Belden]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

All flat cable types on this page are 28 AWG (7 × 36) stranded and feature 0.050 " conductor spacing. PVC insulated, except where noted, and rated 300 V, 105 °C. Voltage Rating: 300 Vrms. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 2000 Vrms. All will terminate to any standard IDC flat cable... [See More]

  • Cable Shielding: Foil
  • Number of Conductors: 9
  • Product Category: Cable
  • Rated Temperature: -20 to 105
Shielded Flat Cable -- CA526071
from Meyer Wire & Cable Co., LLC

A shield of aluminum mylar tape with a 22 AWG 7/30 prebond drain wire provides RFI protection.This cable has been designed to fit RJII and RJ45 connectors. Black and Silver Satin are available from stock. Please contact the Sales Department if you require a different jacket color. [See More]

  • Cable Shielding: Foil
  • Number of Conductors: 5
  • Product Category: Cable
  • Rated Voltage: 0.1000