Mounting Options:Other Conductivity Electrodes Datasheets

Two-Electrode Conductivity Sensor -- Model TB264-0-01
from ABB Measurement & Analytics

Conductivity Cell TB264. The Conductivity Cell TB264 can be installed either inline via a 25 mm style fitting or used for flow cell applications. Inline applications consist of using an existing 25 mm port or purchasing a bushing and holder nut. Flow cell installations allow users to easily... [See More]

  • Conductivity Range: 0.0 to 200
  • Mounting Options: In-Line (Insertion) (optional feature); Flow Thru (Pipeline)
  • Cell Constant (k): 0.01; 0
  • Maximum Diameter / Width: 0.9843
3400 Digital Contacting Conductivity Sensors
from Hach

These enhanced performance sensors are manufactured to exacting tolerances using high quality, rugged materials for demanding applications including ultra-pure water, clean-in-place (CIP), and boiler/condensate monitoring. Each sensor is tested to determine its unique, absolute four-digit cell... [See More]

  • Conductivity Range: 0.0 to 200000
  • Response Time: 30
  • Electrode Accuracy: 2
  • Cell Constant (k): 10 (optional feature); 0.5, 5
Conductivity Sensor -- CSX2
from Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.

The ECD Model CSX2 conductivity sensor is designed for high pressure, high temperature conductivity measurements. It is an ideal choice for boiler control applications, blowdown control, condensate monitoring, leak detection on heat exchangers, and steam purity measurements. [See More]

  • Conductivity Range: 1 to 50000
  • Mounting Options: In-Line (Insertion); Insertion
  • Cell Constant (k): 1
  • Maximum Length: 5.5