Circular RF Waveguide Components Datasheets

Circular Waveguide Sections and Flange -- QCW
from QuinStar Technology, Inc.

QuinStar Technology offers circular waveguides (flanged and unflanged) for operation in the TE11 mode for frequencies from 12 to 220 GHz in all standard and many custom internal diameters ranging from 0.059 to 0.660 inches. The bandwidth associated with these TE11 mode circular waveguides is... [See More]

  • Profile: Circular
  • Cross Section: Circular
  • Component Type: Straight
  • Operating Frequency: 12.00 to 220.00
Arc Detector -- 112-ARCE-A-6-6
from Advanced Technical Materials, Inc.

15 volt arc detector input, TTL output standard [See More]

  • Profile: Circular
  • Cross Section: Rectangular
  • Component Type: Bend; Arc Detector
  • Material: Aluminum; Brass (optional feature); Cu (optional feature)
Fixed Short Circuit
from Maury Microwave Corporation

Maury offers precision coaxial and waveguide metrology components and standards kits for calibrating vector network analyzers. All standard connector types are represented and some components are available with EIA rigid line connectors. [See More]

  • Profile: Rectangular (optional feature); Square (optional feature); Circular (optional feature)
  • Operating Frequency: 0.75 to 110.00
  • Component Type: Fixed Short Circuit
  • EIA Waveguide Size: 10 to 975
E-Bend -- 26 38 05
from Spinner Atlanta

Flange silver plated, external surface painted black [See More]

  • Profile: Circular
  • Cross Section: Circular
  • Component Type: Bend
  • Material: Silver