Color Color Meters and Appearance Instruments Datasheets

Accurate, High-efficiency Color Chart Measurement -- ColorScoutA+
from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

The ColorScoutA+ enables accurate, high-efficiency measurements of color charts with the Spectrodensitometer FD-7 and FD-5. It enables automatic positioning of the instrument and automatic measurement, thus providing higher repeatability and reduction in labour when compared to manual measurement. [See More]

  • Property Measured: Color
  • Spectral Range: 360 to 720
  • Instrument Type: Spectrophotometer
  • Light Source: LED
Brightness/Whiteness Colorimeter -- PCE-WSB 1
from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

PCE-WSB 1 is a portable handheld battery-powered brightness / whiteness colorimeter used to measure the brightness level of paper, cardboard, cellulose, pulp, textiles, paint, enamel, plastic, porcelain, cement, concrete, building materials, chemicals, powders, talc, starch, flour, salt, detergents,... [See More]

  • Property Measured: Color
  • Instrument Type: Colorimeter
  • Measurement Scale: CIELAB
  • Instrument Geometry: 45/0
Conoscope Lens for Viewing Angle Performance Measurement -- Conoscope
from Radiant Vision Systems

Fast, Accurate, Low-cost View Angle Performance Measurement Solution for Displays. The Radiant Vision Systems conoscope lens enables high-resolution photopic measurement of the angular distribution of color, luminance, and contrast of displays and display components. Radiant Vision Systems utilizes... [See More]

  • Property Measured: Color
AquirePlus EFX
from Axalta Coating Systems, LLC

AcquirePlus „ ¢ EFX is an advanced, hand-held spectrophotometer that helps auto body shop refinishers find an accurate color match ” even for complicated metallic, pearl and effect paint formulations ” faster and more easily than ever before. As the first commercial instrument... [See More]

  • Property Measured: Color; Gloss; Luster
  • Instrument Type: Spectrophotometer
  • Application: Automotive Paint Matching
  • Display Type: Digital Numerical Display
In-Line Water Analyzer -- ClearView™
from Guided Wave, Inc.

Continuous reading of percent level water, large LCD, compact, low cost [See More]

  • Property Measured: Color; Turbidity, % Water, Hydroxyl Number
  • Instrument Type: Spectrophotometer
  • Application: VIS+NIR Applications
  • Spectral Range: 400 to 1650
Grain Sorter -- RN500
from Kett US

The rice inspector shines light on each individual grain of brown or polished rice to determine the color. Based on transparency/reflection, a line sensor determines shape characteristics to physically separate the sample into five classes. Up to 2000 grains can be tested per batch at a rate... [See More]

  • Property Measured: Color; Transparency
  • Measurement Scale: Reflected
  • Application: Grains
  • Instrument Type: Spectrophotometer
Lovibond® 3000 Comparator Series
from Lovibond® Tintometer®

A series of single scale, 3-field instruments designed for visual colour grading by direct comparison between the sample and Lovibond ® coloured glass filters housed in test discs. The sample and two consecutive glasses on the colour scale are viewed simultaneously, making it easier to achieve... [See More]

  • Property Measured: Color
  • Measurement Scale: ASTM, EBC Color, FAC, Gardner Colour
  • Application: Liquids
  • Instrument Type: Colorimeter; Comparator
Photovolt™ -- 577-A
from Photovolt Instruments Inc.

Photovolt's American-made Model 577-A, 577-AS and 577 are designed to simplify the determination of appearance characteristics. This rugged portable instrument is easy to operate, sets up in just minutes and provides you with unparalleled flexibility. Now available with serial data port option. The... [See More]

  • Property Measured: Color
  • Instrument Type: Colorimeter
  • Application: Multiple Color Applications
  • Features: Portable
SpectroColorimeter -- BLACK-CXR
from StellarNet, Inc.

These instruments measure the color of solid and liquid samples using either a fiber optic reflectance probe, fixture, dip probe, or cuvette holder. The StellarNet BLACK-Comet-CXR colorimeter has consistent resolution throughout 280-900nm and is a perfect low cost instrument for any color... [See More]

  • Property Measured: Chroma; Color; Hue
  • Instrument Type: Colorimeter
  • Measurement Scale: Hunter L, a, b; CIELAB; cE*CMC; XYZ; Yxy
  • Features: Portable; Application Software