Mechanical Bore and ID Gages Datasheets

AM - Analogue Mini Probe
from Ametek Solartron Metrology

The Mini Probe is a compact low profile transducer that is ideal for measurements in confined places such as bores. The transducer is based on a parallel spring structure that ensures that it provides excellent repeatability over a long working life, even when rotated in bores that have key slots or... [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: 0.0197
  • Gage Type: Internal or ID Gage; Bore Gage; Hole or Slot Gage
  • Units: Metric
Adjustable Imperial Bore Gage with Carbide Contacts - MaraMeter -- 1280P-3T3
from Mahr Inc.

Product features. Rugged construction for long life and low maintenance: Stainless steel gaging head, one piece centralizing yoke with replaceable tungsten carbide balls. Heavy duty housing protects Indicator. Flow-through design makes Series 1280P Bore Gages swish clean, no disassembly required. [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: 0.5000 to 8
  • Gage Type: Internal or ID Gage; Bore Gage
  • Resolution: 1.00E-4
Bench Micrometer -- Universal Supermicrometer™
from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc.

The definitive bench micrometer, the Universal Supermicrometer (USM), offers the advantage of being two instruments in one, by providing the ability to measure both internal and external parts, gages or standards. Additionally, as a high precision, direct-reading metrology instrument, it is equally... [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Electronic; Mechanical
  • Range: 0.0 to 11
  • Gage Type: Length; Internal or ID Gage; Indicator; Micrometer; Gaging System or Station; Hole or Slot Gage
  • Resolution: 1.00E-6
Bore Gaging System -- PG Series
from Sunnen Products Company

The Sunnen "PG" Bore Gaging System is a unique mechanical gaging system that makes I.D. Gaging simple, reliable and economical. A PG Bore Gage eliminates buying and maintaining expensive master rings and air gage probes. Both the gage and setting fixture are built for everyday use making them ideal... [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: 0.0900 to 4.31
  • Gage Type: Internal or ID Gage; Bore Gage
  • Units: English; Metric
0.0001" Increment Plug Gages
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Durable, precision gage pins for production gaging. Plug Gages are hardened and cold stabilized. They are precision lapped to a 10-microinch surface finish, with ends ground square. Gage diameter is electro-etched on each pin. All gages are 2" long. Applications include checking hole sizes,... [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: 0.0101 to 1.01
  • Gage Type: Internal or ID Gage; Go / No-Go, Attribute, or Functional; Pin or Plug Gage; Hole or Slot Gage
  • Units: English
Traceable® Digital Caliper -- Model 3415
from Control Company

Designed for the lab Traceable® Calipers make length/diameter measurements three ways-outside, inside, and depth. Digital display models measure to 8-inches (200mm). At the touch of a button units switch from inches to millimeters. Zeroes at any point Zero button instantly sets unit to zero when... [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: ? to 6
  • Gage Type: Internal or ID Gage; Caliper
  • Resolution: 5.00E-4
Cygnus Marine Metric Pit Gauge
from Cygnus Instruments, Inc.

Ideal for very thick steel as found in marine industry. Pit gauge is made of .116" (2.9 mm) reinforced plastic. 3 1/8" (8 mm) wide and 5 1/2" (14 mm) long. Weight 2.7 oz (76.5g). Depth measurement 0-1" (0-43 mm). Pointer is made from stainless steel. Readout in 1 millimeter increments. Metric ruler. [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: 0.0 to 1.69
  • Gage Type: Pit Gauge; Internal or ID Gage; Hole or Slot Gage
  • Units: Metric
Custom Gages & Gaging Systems
from Edmunds Gages

From modified catalog gage to fully automatic, computerized gaging systems [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Air or Pneumatic (optional feature); Electronic (optional feature); Mechanical (optional feature)
  • Units: English (optional feature); Metric (optional feature)
  • Gage Type: Closed-loop, post-process gaging systems; Internal or ID Gage (optional feature); Bore Gage (optional feature); Go / No-Go, Attribute, or Functional (optional feature); Gaging System or Station (optional feature)
  • Display: Dial / Analog / Direct Reading (optional feature); Digital Display (optional feature)
O-Ring Measurement Cone
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Available in two sizes, the measurement cone is a useful tool for quick measurements on standard size O-rings. The measuring cone provides the user with a Hi-Tech Seals size number. Once you have the number all you need is the O-ring material and you can contact Hi-Tech Seals Inc. to reorder the... [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Handheld or Portable
  • Gage Type: Cone; Internal or ID Gage
Class X Gage Sets -- C105XM - Minus
from Meyer Gage Company, Inc.

Offers the same "features" as our Class Z pin gages but with .00004" tolerance limit and .00002" roundness limit. These pins are perfect for critical inspection needs or when you want to maximize your GO/NOGO tolerance limits. They're also a great way to calibrate measuring equipment, micrometers... [See More]

  • Gaging Technology: Mechanical
  • Range: 0.0115 to 0.2505
  • Gage Type: Internal or ID Gage; Bore Gage; Go / No-Go, Attribute, or Functional; Pin or Plug Gage; Gage Set or Tool Kit
  • Units: English