Coolant / Oil Mist Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters

Mist Collector -- OM3510
from Micro Air

Source Capture is the most effective method of capturing industrial air pollutants. Micro Air ® industrial source capture models are available in three types of filtration: Media Media units utilize a series of filters to collect the particulate. These include pre-filters, media bag filters,... [See More]

  • Applications: Coolant / Oil Mist; Welding Fumes
  • Process: Dry Type
  • Collector Type: Stationary Unit
  • Separation / Filtration System: Cartridge-type units
FRED™ D Mister -- Model DM2000V
from Diversi-Tech, Inc.

The FRED D-MISTER series is designed to remove oil/coolant mist and oily smoke at the source. The vertical oil mist collector is designed using a plastic polyethylene cabinet, making them lighter, quieter and less expensive than steel. [See More]

  • Applications: Coolant / Oil Mist
  • Airflow: 2000
  • Collector Type: Source Collector / Portable
  • Efficiency: 95
BDC Compact Media Dust Collector -- BDC Series
from United Air Specialists, Inc.

The BDC Series of dust collectors are ideal for industrial processes such as bin venting and raw material handling. Compact in size, this baghouse-style system can be installed inside or outside; while minimizing the occupation of valuable floor space and offers easy access for filter maintenance. [See More]

  • Applications: Abrasives; Coolant / Oil Mist; FinePowders; General Cleaning; Metalworking Chips / Fluid; Reclaim / Recycle; Welding Fumes
  • Process: Dry Type
  • Collector Type: Source Collector / Portable; Stationary Unit; Small Baghoue
  • Separation / Filtration System: Bag-type Units; Cartridge-type units