Manual Shaking Dust Collectors Datasheets

After Filters w/ Pull-Through Exhaust -- FT24S21
from Aget Manufacturing Company

The ten After Filter-Exhauster combinations are designed to capture dust particles as small as 0.3 microns using cotton sateen cloth filter tubes as the filter media. Equipped with top mounted Exhausters which pull contaminated air to the filter tubes, releasing clean air into the work area, where... [See More]

  • Filter Cleaning: Manual (optional feature)
  • Airflow: 600
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Minimum Particle Size: 0.3000
Cabinet Dust Collector

An Airbrasive ® Dust Collector is recommended for use within clean-room micro abrasive blasting environments. A self-contained fabric filter ensures a highly efficient, sealed system capable of removing micron-sized powder particles, cuttings and debris from work chambers. These units are... [See More]

  • Filter Cleaning: Manual
  • Airflow: 307
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Efficiency: 99.99
Downdraft Table -- Mini-DD
from Diversi-Tech, Inc.

The Diversi-Tech Mini-DD is a portable downdraft table designed for dust and smoke collection. The Mini-DD features an extended paper pleat filter with an arrentance rating of 92% @ 2 microns along with a 2" deep aluminum mesh prefilter. The aluminum mesh filter is washable while the main filter... [See More]

  • Filter Cleaning: Manual
  • Airflow: 1200
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Efficiency: 92
Cabinet Dust Collector -- 54
from Donaldson Torit – Donaldson Company, Inc.

The Donaldson Torit Cabinet dust collectors provide reliable and economical solutions to in-plant dust and smoke control problems. Its efficient, compact design covers a wide range of bag collector applications. Replacing dust collector bags has never been easier with the new, one piece EZ filter... [See More]

  • Filter Cleaning: Manual
  • Airflow: 171 to 284
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Efficiency: 99.9
FB Series Dust Collectors -- FBA
from N.R. Murphy Ltd.

Ideally suited for schools or small industrial applications where large volumes of air are required for relatively small amounts of dust collected. Primarily designed for limited ceiling height installations. Features: Highly efficient performance. It fits into low ceiling areas, yet takes up... [See More]

  • Filter Cleaning: Manual
  • Airflow: 2000 to 8000
  • Process Type: Dry Type
  • Collector Type: Stationary Unit