Load Pin Load Cells Datasheets

Bow Type Crosby Cabled Shackle Load Cell -- SHK-B
from Micron Instruments & Micron Meters

Micron SHK-B Bow Type Crosby Cabled Shackle Load Cell. Features. Ranges 1tonne to 400tonne. High Tensile Carbon Steel Construction. Environmentally Sealed to IP66 (IP67 can also be offered). Simple installation and operation. Shackle and load pin fully certified. Optional load centralizing bobbin. [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
Deep Sea Clevis Pin System
from Strainsert

The Strainsert deep sea/high pressure Clevis Pin provides the ability to measure force at clevis joints under high pressure conditions. Complete systems are available, and include the instrumented Clevis Pin, cabling, and a digital display indicator. Specification Detail. Output – 4-20 ma Loop... [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Accuracy: 0.72
  • Shear Type: Shear Beam
LLP400 Load Pin Load Cell -- FSH01069
from FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

LLP400 , 5000 lb , Load Pin , Clevis Pin , Load Cell , 0-9 VDC Analog Output , Material - 17-4 PH S.S. , 3/4" Shaft Long , 28 Awg 6 Conductor Shielded Polyurethane Cable , 10 ft Long [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
  • Accuracy: -0.25 to 0.25
  • Force Rating: 5000
  • Technology: Strain Gauge
Load Cell -- C16A
from HBM

The C16A is an analog load cell with maximum capacities from 20 to 100 t. This self-centering load cell provides a legal for trade accuracy of up to 5000 divisions (OIML D1, C3, C4, C5). The load cell's robust design together with the patented rotation stop makes the load cell especially fit for use... [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
  • Force Measured: Shear
  • Force Rating: 44100 to 220500
  • Shear Type: Shear Beam
Loadpin Load -- Model LP
from Interface, Inc. - AZ

Why the Interface series LP Loadpin Load Cell is the best in class: Designed to replace pins or bolts that carry a load. Stainless steel construction. Capable of 100% humidity, 30G mechanical shock and 5G vibration. Used with clevises, or pulley shafts to monitor loads. Capacity 1,740 lbf [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
  • Output: 1.6 mV/V; Analog Voltage
  • Force Rating: 1740
Customer Force Sensors
from NOSHOK, Inc.

Features & Benefits. Thin film sensor is laser welded to the deformation body for superior strength and performance. Extremely accurate - with the help of Finite Element Method Analysis, this sensor is able to reach accuracies from 0.2% to 1% Full Scale. Custom-designed to customer... [See More]

  • Package: S-beam; Pancake; Donut / Washer; Plate / Platform; Bolt; Link; Miniature; Cantilever; Canister; Load Pin; Rod End - Male; Rod End - Female; Tank Weighing
  • Accuracy: 0.20 to 1.00
  • Force Rating: 1000 to 100000
  • Force Measured: Tension; Compression; Shear
Clevis Pin Load Cell -- LDP990
from Stellar Technology, Inc.

Standard Features. • Tension/Compression. • All Welded Stainless Steel. • -65 °to 250 °F Operation. • mV/V and. Amplified Output. •Ranges to 200,000 Lbf. •Shock and Vibration. Protection [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
  • Accuracy: 0.75
  • Force Rating: 3000 to 200000
  • Force Measured: Tension; Compression
Load Pin -- FN1010
from TE Connectivity – Sensors

The implantation is facilitated by the possibility of modifying a certain number of dimensions. The FN1010 is suitable for numerous applications on lifting motors and handling equipment. The load pins can be used to measure forces on rotating components (pulleys, sheaves, etc.) and can be directly... [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
  • Force Measured: Tension; Compression
  • Force Rating: 2000 to 400000
  • Technology: Strain Gauge
Force Sensing Load Pin -- Model F5301 & Model F53C1
from tecsis LP

The tecsis model F5301 load pin utilizes thin film technology for high accuracy and proven performance. The unit is available in ranges from 1,100 to 45,000 lbs (5 to 200 kN) and is ideal for dynamic or static measurements. Amplified output of 4-20 mA (2-wire) or 0-10 VDC (3-wire) is standard. The... [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
  • Technology: Strain Gauge
  • Force Rating: 1124 to 44960
  • Output: Analog Current; Analog Voltage
Accurate High Reliable Marine & Industrial Clevis Load Pin Load Cell -- CLP Series
from Transducer Techniques, LLC

Our CLP Series clevis load pins are used most. often where pins or large bolts would normally. be carrying the load. Typical applications would. include replacement for shackle pins, clevis. pins, and pulley shafts. These load pins are. and incorporate a stainless steel molded. connector system for... [See More]

  • Package: Load Pin
  • Force Measured: Tension (optional feature); Compression
  • Force Rating: 750 to 200000
  • Technology: Strain Gauge