Natural Gas Furnaces (industrial) Datasheets

Annealing Furnaces
from Abbott Furnace Company

Abbott annealing furnaces provide improved control over time and temperature relations to achieve desired properties in such areas as machine ability, cold work (process annealing or in process annealing), dimensional stability, as well as electrical and mechanical properties. This can be applied to... [See More]

  • Heat Source: Combustion; Electric / Resistance (optional feature); Natural Gas
  • Configuration: Continuous or Conveying
  • Temperature Range: 300 to 1300
  • Application: Annealing; Industrial
Process Furnaces With Moving Hearth
from HiTemp Technology Corporation

Process Furnace Systems are designed to process low and high BTU solids using a combination of temperature and destructive distillation to breakdown the combustibles. The afterburner system will separately control the adding of the secondary combustion air and will raise the temperature of the... [See More]

  • Heat Source: Combustion; Natural Gas
  • Configuration: Walk-in or Truck-in
  • Temperature Range: 1800
  • Application: Industrial
Box Furnace
from International Thermal Systems LLC.

Box Furnaces process products one at a time or in a single group at temperatures over 1100 °F (592 °C). A Box Furnace features a vertical lift or swing out door allowing the various sized product(s) to be placed in the furnace. Box Furnaces are utilized for heat-treating, calcining, curing,... [See More]

  • Heat Source: Combustion (optional feature); Electric / Resistance (optional feature); Natural Gas (optional feature)
  • Configuration: Box (Muffle)
  • Temperature Range: ? to 1371
  • Atmosphere: Air / Oxidizing (optional feature); Inert (optional feature)
FC Series -- FC 444
from L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc.

The FC Series are ceramic fiber lined car bottom furnaces. They feature tight pneumatic car seals, electric car drives and a wide range of custom options including electric and pneumatic vertical doors, fans, zoning, program controls and custom hearths. The car bottom makes these furnaces extremely... [See More]

  • Heat Source: Combustion; Natural Gas
  • Height: 1219
  • Temperature Range: 1200
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 1219
SDB Box/ Draw Furnace
from Wisconsin Oven Corporation

Heat treat ovens are very common in the heat treat industry and are commonly referred to as Companion Draw Furnaces or Draw Batch Furnace. Wisconsin Oven offers 40 standard SDB heat treat oven models. Ten (10) standard sizes. Four (4) temperature ranges. Standard maximum continuous temperature... [See More]

  • Heat Source: Combustion; Electric / Resistance; Indirect / Contact / Conduction (optional feature); Natural Gas
  • Vacuum / Pressure Range: Elevated or Positive Pressures (> 760 torr)
  • Temperature Range: 427 to 760
  • Height: 457 to 1524