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Channel Holding Furnace
from Inductotherm Group

Channel Holding Furnaces are capable of holding large quantities of metal at low holding power levels for extended periods of time. Metal stored in the Channel Holding Furnace can be steadily fed from a cupola or batch fed from a coreless furnace and tapped into ladles in accordance with any... [See More]

  • Heat Source: Induction
  • Features: Entry Holes
  • Application: Foundry or Melting Furnace; Industrial
Da Vinci Kiln Automatic -- T2327-D
from L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc.

Handheld DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone Control, 4 preset programs, 6 user defined programs [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 250 to 1290
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 895
  • Height: 686
  • Length: 673
Box Furnace -- HM-12918
from Trent, Inc.

Maximum Temperature: 1900 °F / 1083 °C. The TRENT HM Muffle design box furnace is a small atmosphere furnace used for tool hardening, low-temperature brazing, bright annealing, general metal heat-treating and other processes requiring a controlled atmosphere up to 1900 °F. TRENT Folded... [See More]

  • Temperature Range: ? to 1010
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 229
  • Height: 305
  • Length: 457
Easy-Load Front Loading Kiln/Furnace -- EL2436
from L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc.

The Easy-Load Professional-Grade Front-Loading Kiln meets the needs of schools, studios and potters who need a well-built easy-to-load cone 10 kiln. The proven technology of the Dyna-Trol Program Control automates the firing process. The even element spacing and built in standard zone control ensure... [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 250 to 1290
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 635
  • Height: 914
  • Length: 660
Industrial Bell Lift Kiln/Furnace -- TB644754
from L&L Kiln Mfg. Inc.

L&L Kiln Mfg., Inc. announces the development of a line of large industrial-grade Bell-Lift kilns designed for industrial ceramics and other industrial applications. The first model is 100 cubic feet (66" wide by 48" deep by 54" high). Larger and smaller models can be built. The kiln reaches 2350... [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 250 to 1290
  • Width / Tube O.D.: 1676
  • Height: 1372
  • Length: 1219