Ceramic (e.g., Norton SG®, Norton Quantum®) Grinding Wheels Datasheets

5SG60-JVS Cylindrical Wheel -- 66253467007
from Norton Abrasives

5SG60-JVS Cylindrical Wheel [See More]

  • Type: Aluminum Oxide; Ceramic (e.g., Norton SG®, Norton Quantum®)
  • Outer Diameter: 16
  • Type: StraightWheel
  • Thickness: 1
Depressed Center Combination Wheels. Best - Flexon -- A0014
from Flexovit USA, Inc.

Flexovit FLEXON Type 27 Combination Wheels combine premium zirconia and ceramic grains with advanced bond systems, delivering the highest job productivity at the lowest total cost. FLEXON grinds up to 50% faster, and up to 10 times longer than standard aluminum oxide wheels. Heavy Duty - ZA30T. [See More]

  • Type: Alumina Zirconia; Ceramic (e.g., Norton SG®, Norton Quantum®)
  • Outer Diameter: 3
  • Type: DepressedCenter
  • Thickness: 0.1250
3M Ceramic Depressed-Center Wheel - 36 Grit Very Coarse Grade - 4 1/2 in Diameter - 7/8 in Center Hole - Thickness 1/4 in - 66544 -- 051115-66544 [60440282634 from 3M]
from R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

3M depressed-center wheel uses ceramic as the abrasive material and has a diameter of 4 1/2 in. 3M incorporates this ceramic material into the depressed-center wheel forming a grit of 36. In addition to the other aspects of these parts, another important component of these is the thickness. This 3M... [See More]

  • Type: Ceramic (e.g., Norton SG®, Norton Quantum®)
  • Thickness: 0.2500
  • Type: DepressedCenter
  • Bore / Shank: 0.8750