Zinc Plating Plating Chemicals and Anodizing Chemicals

CHEMEON Zincate 8000
from CHEMEON Surface Technology, LLC

Easy to use non-chelating, non-cyanide liquid zincate. Zincate 8000 is used to coat aluminum andaluminum alloy prior to plating and is totally water-soluble. It provides a superior inter-coatingadhesion and handles temperature variations well. In addition, it has low viscosity, better rinsing,and... [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Zinc Plating
Acid Chloride Zinc Plating -- COLSID® AP
from Columbia Chemical Corporation

COLSID ® AP is a process for acid chloride zinc plating specially designed for mixed NH4Cl/KCl baths. COLSID AP contains a special ductilizer compound which insures extremely ductile, bright deposits. It produces little or no foam and can operate at high temperatures - over 125 °F/52 °C. [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Zinc Plating
  • Form: Liquid / Solution
Alloy Compliant Chemistry Systems -- Niclipse™
from Pavco, Inc.

Niclipse ™ - An acid zinc/nickel plating process offering an exceptional corrosion resistance. Niclipse demonstrates superior metal distribution and covering power. With low-stress and high ductility, the process is suitable for either rack or barrel plating. The high performance of Niclipse... [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Hard Nickel Plating; Zinc Plating
  • Form: Liquid / Solution
Tri-alloy (Cu, Sn, Zn) Plating -- Techni White EGB
from Technic, Inc.

Brilliant white deposit for decorative applications. [See More]

  • Chemical / Composition: Copper Plating; Tin Plating; Zinc Plating