Batch Crushers Datasheets

Disk Mill -- Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9
from Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing

For extremely fast comminution (speed: up to 1500 rpm) of hard, medium-hard, brittle and fibrous laboratory samples, dry or in suspension, down to analysis fineness. Areas of application. Mining, metallurgy, ceramics industry, agriculture and environment, infrared and x-ray fluorescence analysis. [See More]

  • Feed: Dry solids; Solids-liquids - pastes, slurries or moist solids; Batch
  • Scale: Lab
  • Applications: Chemicals; Metal or smelting; Construction materials such cement, asphalt, gravel, glass; Power production applications such as coal milling; Ceramics or abrasives; Ore and mineral processing; Sanitary
  • Type: Impact mills, crushers or breakers; Shredder
Lump Breakers
from Prater

Prater ’s Lump Breaker is designed to provide a simple, more economical means of reducing compacted materials into smaller, granulated product required for most processing or packaging lines. The Lump Breaker improves product flow for a variety of applications including: sugar, salt,... [See More]

  • Feed: Dry solids; Batch
  • Type: Impact mills, crushers or breakers
  • Applications: Chemicals; Food processing; Wood, pulp or paper products; Waste processing or recycling
  • Capacity - Batch / Continuous: 8-33 Cubic Feet Per Minute
REH Series Disintegrators
from Bepex International LLC

The REH disintegrator machine is a combination of Bepex ’s modified Extructor and horizontal RH Disintegrator. The workhorse of our Disintegrator Series, this mill is two steps in one: coarse grinding of large feeds followed by fine grinding into a uniform powder. The two machine sections... [See More]

  • Feed: Dry solids; Continuous; Batch
  • Type: Hammermill
  • Applications: Chemicals; Food processing; Foundry sand or shell recovery; Sanitary
  • Additional Features: Multi-stage; Fixed
Mikro-Pulverizer® -- #1 PH
from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

The Mikro-Pulverizer hammer mill is a high speed hammer mill designed for uninterrupted production even under severe conditions. Particle size reduction is achieved by impact between the rotating hammers, the particles and a deflector liner mounted in the mill housing cover. This high efficiency... [See More]

  • Feed: Dry solids; Batch
  • Scale: Lab
  • Applications: Foundry sand or shell recovery
  • Type: Hammermill
BF 120.4
from MB S.p.A.

BF 120.4. The largest model in the range, built for jobs in large construction sites, suitable for excavators weighing at least 31 tons. Excavator size: 31 tons or more. Weight: 10,800 lbs. Bucket capacity (cubic yards): 1.30. Mouth opening: 47" x 18". Output Range: 1" to 6". Dimensions: 97" L x 65"... [See More]

  • Feed: Dry solids; Continuous; Batch
  • Scale: Production
  • Applications: Construction materials such cement, asphalt, gravel, glass; Ore and mineral processing
  • Type: Bucket Crusher