Medical / Food (FDA) Polyamide and Nylon Resins

Polyamide (PA)
from Sparkle Plastics Inc.

Our plastic department is focused on American chemical virgin materials, off-spec pellet engineering plastic, commodity plastic, reprocessed (A grade) and off spec pellet (PCT, PCTG, PETG, PCTA, PA, GPEEK, PEI, LCP, PPSU,PPS, PPO, PPE, PBT, POM, PMMA, PC, PA, ABS, TPU, TPE,PET, PP, PE), and provides... [See More]

  • Industry: Automotive; Electronics; Sanitary
  • Chemical System: Polyamide
  • General Types: Thermoplastic
  • Features: 100% Natural / Recycled Material
Fluoroelastomer Polymers -- 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoropolymers
from 3M Advanced Materials Division

In 1969, astronauts boarded the Apollo 11 spacecraft wearing boots containing 3M ™ Dyneon ™ Fluoroelastomers. Today, these synthetic elastomeric materials are used in some of the toughest environments on earth. From hot-running automotive engines to harsh chemicals of semiconductor... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Repair or Construction; Electrical Power or High Voltage; Electronics; Energy Conversion (Battery / Fuel Cell); OEM or Industrial; Marine; Military; Sanitary; Semiconductors or IC Packaging; Oil &Gas Exploration
  • Process Type: FilmGrade; ExtrusionGrade; MoldingCompound; Specialty/Other Process; Calendaring &Coating
  • General Types: Thermoplastic; Thermally cured
  • Form / Shape: Liquid; Pellets
Grilamid® Polyamide -- Grilamid 1SBVX-30H LDS black | PA1010-GF30
from EMS-GRIVORY America

Characteristics. Processing. Injection Molding. Delivery form. Granules. Special Characteristics. Platable, High impact or impact modified. Regional Availability. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South and Central America, Near East/Africa. Product Attributes. Improved flowability and... [See More]

  • Industry: Automotive; Electronics; Sanitary
  • Process Type: MoldingCompound
  • General Types: Thermoplastic
  • Form / Shape: Pellets