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  • "Safety Requirements for Self-Retracting Devices for Personal Fall Arrest and Rescue Systems"
    with. integral rescue capability (SRL-Rs), and. self-retracting lanyards with leading-edge. capability (SRL-LEs). It also establishes the. requirements for self-retracting devices. intended for use in personal fall arrest or. rescue systems for authorized persons. within the capacity range of 130 to. 310
  • Fod Resistance And Fatigue Crack Arrest In Low Plasticity Burnished In718 (.pdf)
    at engine temperatures is. compared to conventional shot peening. Resistance. to 0.13 and 0.25 mm (0.005 and .010 in.) deep sharp. notch FOD was achieved, even after exposure to. engine temperatures. Elevated temperature crack. growth data are presented showing the arrest of. existing 0.46 mm x 0.91 mm
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    quot;Ice Slurry " Used to Treat Cardiac Arrest Time is an essential factor in treating patients experiencing a cardiac arrest. Within 10 to 12 minutes of an arrest, lack of blood flow causes brain cells to begin dying rapidly. But research suggests that the timely application of cold to reduce
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    New Electrodes Allow Use of AEDs to Treat Small Children and Infants Increased access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is believed to be increasing survival rates following cardiac arrest. But sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone including children. Treatment of small children
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    AEDs Offered in Many Languages When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, there is no warning. And it can strike in Paris, Madrid, or Berlin just as often as in Los Angeles. A nursing home employee, plant worker, or basketball coach can be thrust into a lifesaving role at a moment s notice. Each must
  • Thermographic Imaging of the Myocardial Ischemic Border Zone
    Sudden death due to cardiac arrest takes about 225,000 lives every year in the USA (1). Because Ischemic disease is a leading cause of cardiac arrest, cardiologists are interested in its diagnosis and treatment. Coronary bypass operations represent the most effective method of treatment of ischemic
  • Camaro Z28 SS - Bargain-priced speed
    Camaro Z28 SS -- Bargain-priced speed Driving the SS version of this year's Z28 Camaro is like motoring around with a big sign on your tail saying, "Arrest Me. " Even the garden-variety Z28 carries a Corvette V8 which provides plenty of opportunity to put speeding points on your driving record
  • NHBB Introduces Anti-Bacterial High-Speed Bearings
    life of a medical or dental bearing, in addition to having a significant impact on the battle against hospital-related infections. Introducing the antimicrobial properties of silver into ultra-precision miniature and instrument bearings used in a dental or medical application can potentially arrest
  • Protecting national treasures is an open-and-shut case
    Congress, the Louisiana Purchase agreement, Rosa Parks' arrest records, and President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address. The case hinges are part of a renovation that should be completed later this year The Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington, D.C., contains display cases housing
  • Sensor sense: Safety Light Curtains
    beam, triggering the sensor. This "blocked " condition turns off the system's redundant, safety-rated outputs, providing a control-reliable stop signal to arrest hazardous motion before it can do harm to life or limb. The historical challenge for machine designers has been to integrate these needed
  • Our nation paid the price for its wimpification
    in the process. Also at the time, bank guards were expected to draw their weapons and fire at anyone trying to rob a bank. In addition, police fired at anyone fleeing an arrest. Today, we wouldn't dream of arming mail clerks, bank guards lose their jobs if they try to thwart a robbery, and police are put
  • Letters 7/23/2009
    . It delivers a defibrillation shock to a heart in ventricular fibrillation, letting it resume a coordinated rhythm. CPR keeps blood flowing to oxygenate the vital organs, but it will not defibrillate a heart. New England Journal of Medicine reported the results of a study of sudden cardiac arrests
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    years ago, we still represented about 25% of the national industry." In an effort to arrest the decline, several suppliers have been researching other industries where their know-how could be put to use. It hasn't escaped their notice that, unlike the automobile industry, the health-care sector
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    access route is desirable because it will not collapse if the patient is experiencing shock, trauma, hypotension, or cardiac arrest. In clinical trials, the system was able to gain venous access in an average of 60 seconds with gravity flow rates of up to 80 ml/min. and pump flow rates of 225 ml/min
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    of lateral-flow tests toward true quantitative formats is an area of active research and development, especially for tests for diseases with high societal costs such as cholesterol, cardiac arrest, diabetes, and HIV testing. A lateral-flow immunoassay device is composed of various materials and reagents (see